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Strength and weaknesses of McDonalds
Opportunities and Threats
Five Force Analysis
The cultural web

Strategic management is the way of implementing different business strategies and plans to attain certain specific aims and objectives. It involves collection of decisions and different rules and policies that tend to define the results that are generated in the form of better business performance. For undertaking these activities, management should possess an in depth understanding and be able to assess the general and competitive external and internal business environment to take proper business decisions (Cornelis, 2010). McDonalds is an organization that offers a range of products and services in a very effective manner that makes it a market leader in providing fast food services all over the world. By enforcing suitable strategies, McDonalds can increase its level of sales and will also help in upgrading as well as sustaining the market by acquiring competitive advantage (Schoenberg, Collier and Bowman, 2013).

Vision statement of McDonalds
McDonald’s vision statement can be said that it wants to be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best for McDonald’s means that it needs to provide the best of the quality of food products, services, and cleanliness and value so that it can make everyone of its customer smile (Schmitt and, 2011). A vision statement of the company is an idea for how business can be eventually perceived and what actions it will be taking for coming 5, 10 or 15 years for improving more of its customer services which will then also become the ultimate goal of the organization (Zadek, 2008).

Appropriateness: vision is a long term view and at McDonalds, it most of the time describes the ways it wants it to be in the world. Organization is aware that a vision statement is not a guide that is set in stone rather it is more of something that inspires to attain something big (Preble, 2005). The vision statement of McDonalds is, appropriately enough as it is known to the company that ‘none of its employees is as good as all of them’ which makes them quite distinct from others. Anything mentioned in the vision statement is although difficult to measure, but unless the ‘best’ is clearly defined; it is not easy to achieve this vision (Goodman, 2005).

Mission statement of McDonalds
McDonald’s brand mission is to be the customer’s favorite place and a way to eat and drink. The worldwide operations of the organization are aligned around its global strategy that is also called plan to win that is centered on an exceptional customer service experience. It is also committed to improving continuously the business operations and also enhances its overall customer experience (Johnson, 1992).

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