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Analysis Of Mr. White In The Monkey's Paw And Mr. Peters In The Third Wish

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What would someone do if they had only three wishes and knew that there would be a price that they would have to pay in order for them to fulfill their wishes? This is the question that overcomes the main characters, Mr. White and Mr. Peters, in the stories “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs and “The Third Wish” by Joan Aiken. In these two stories, two men were each allowed to create three wishes and had consequences that followed; therefore, they learned a valuable lesson about life.
The men in the two stories were distinct in their own ways, one being very greedy and the other very cautious. In “The Monkey’s Paw,” the main character was Mr. White. He was very discerning. When he was first introduced in “The Monkey Paw,” he asked many questions and was very curious. Mr. White was also very greedy. He was not content with hat he had, and he then, out of all the wishes in the world, asked for two hundred pounds for his own conveniences. On the other hand, the main character of “The Third Wish” is Mr. Peters. Mr. Peters is a kind-hearted, cautious man. The reader can tell that those are his traits for number of reasons. First of all, the reader can tell that Mr. Peters is compassionate because of his reaction towards a swan trying to extricate itself from a branch. He quickly rushes over and tries to free the bird. Another reason why the reader knows that Mr. Peters is kind is because they see how he wants his wife to be happy more than himself. This clearly shows how “warm his heart” is. The reader can also learn that Mr. Peters is cautious by observing the way he thinks about his three wishes. Every time he thinks of a wish, he pricks his tongue with a thorn. The traits both characters demonstrated also led the reader to understand the wishes that both characters made.
Each of the men were granted three wishes, however, both men were told ahead of time to be wise about their decisions. In “The Monkey’s Paw,” Mr. White’s first wish was to gain two hundred pounds to pay off his mortgage. Consequently, Mr. White paid a very grave price for his wish. He lost his only son, Herbert. Mr. White’s second wish was to bring his son back to life. Well, Herbert died in a machinery malfunction, so if he was to bring his son back to existence, he would be distorted. Mr. White did not want his son mutilated; therefore, he wished a third time. This time he wished for his son to remain dead. Due to his wish, the White couple now had to live a life without their beloved son. However, in the “The Third Wish,” we have a different case. In this story, Mr. Peters was very careful about his wishes. Mr. Peters' first wish was for a wife as beautiful as the forest. He got the wish,...

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