Analysis Of My Conversational Recording On Professional Communication

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Going into my conversation I felt fairly calm and collected. I chose my aunt Mary who is currently a Registered Nurse working full time at the Yellowhead Youth Centre in Edmonton and part time at various prisons in the Edmonton Area. Due to the fact that my conversation was with somebody I already knew, I felt a bit more confident about asking her a handful of questions related to professional communication. Mary was more than happy to help me with my school project, so I felt she would be a good fit. During the interview I started to get nervous because of Mary’s thoughtful responses to my questions. I completely agreed with many of the points she made and this caused me to blank. I could not think of many things to say after each question she answered.
To establish a connection with Mary during the conversation I acknowledged the points she made and agreed. At times I asked additional questions to clarify her explanation. I do not feel I did a very good job of establishing a connection after watching my recording over. Mary is my aunt, because of this, during the conversation I may have felt too comfortable and did not feel the need to gain a further connection while I spoke with her. I thought the conversation was going to be easier with someone I already had a relationship with. Off camera Mary told me she thought the interview went well, she did not give me much feedback about my communication skills. I think this may be because she did not want to hurt my feelings. I feel I have much room to improve that I will discuss later in the paper.
Although Mary chose not to be on camera I perceived I made Mary feel comfortable and open to answering my questions honestly, although my body language appeared to be somewhat judgmental. At times I would look down at my paper which made it appear I might not be interested in what she had to say or that I was looking for different answers from her. I noticed myself squinting my eyes constantly, which appear as though I am questioning and pondering on Mary’s answers. I do have poor vision which I think is the real reason I was doing this nonverbal behavior. Watching the recording over I think I did it to help focus and to see her more clearly. Personally I squint because I feel like it makes me a better listener, but after watching I do not think it comes across that way. Besides these small nonverbal cues, from what I remember, I perceived I made Mary feel important for choosing her for my assignment and interested in the topic matter discussed.
During our conversation I perceive Mary made me feel confident and intrigued by her responses. My attitude did not seem to have any drastic changes throughout our talk and my energy level was kept constant throughout. For the majority of the time she kept me engaged in the conversation and I noticed my eye contact with her remained fairly strong. I smiled throughout the whole conversation so it can be perceived she made me feel happy and interested to hear how...

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