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Analysis Of My Sister´S Keeper By Jodi Picoult

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Kate Fitzgerald, a strong, brave, caring, but very ill teenager. At only 16 she is battling a rare form of leukemia. Kate may not tell this story but her cancer is the heart of this novel. Anna Fitzgerald (her younger sister) was conceived as a “donor baby” so that Kate could receive things like blood transfusions and platelets. In a turn of events Anna refuses to donate the kidney that Kate needs to survive, With Kate’s health deteriorating the family goes on an uphill battle with self-growth in all characters. Kate growth seems to be the most recognizable and occurs because of three major events. These events are Anna refusing to give up a kidney, the trial for medical emancipation, and a tragic death at the end of the novel.

The first growth of Kate Fitzgerald is shown when her 13 year old sister (Anna) sues their parent (Sara and Brian Fitzgerald) for medical emancipation, so that Anna no longer has to donate any part of her to her ill sister. Kate’s growth is shown when Anna and Kate exchange words about the situation and the way Kate leaves “…the door open and close, and the knife-slice of cold air that comes on its heels…” (Picoult My Sister's Keeper: A Novel p. 57) this section is narrated by Anna but Kate leaves with a cold presence and the acceptance of what her sister has done. This news also helped her come to realize that her cancer is a life long journey and she will always carry this in her life. This is how change was shown in Kate with the help of her kidney transplant being postponed.

As the plot line thickens and the trial starts Kate starts to see the love her family has for her. This started when the Lawyers and Child advicts started to interview for the trial and her condition worsened. Her family was all around her and full of love, including her sister Anna who snuck in one night to see and talk to...

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