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Analysis Of Newspaper Research Report Paper

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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Paper
Obesity is on the rise in the United States in both adults and children. On average, 30% of children suffer from obesity and over the past years recognition of the disease and its consequences have elevated nevertheless, the disease remains untreated and undiagnosed (Moran, 1999). Studies show that overweight children are at a statistically greater probability of developing health issues, which eventually lead to death. The seriousness of the disease triggered many research studies; one of these researches is reviewed below. The process used to review the information is statistically based as to the accuracy of the data and the conclusions.
Article and Statistical Procedures
On February 10, 2010, the New York Times published Roni Caryn Rabin study “Child Obesity Risks Death at Early Age, Study Finds” in the health section. Originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the New York Times outlines the statistical portions of obesity and the associated consequences with the disease. The study used data based on 4,857 non-diabetic American Indian children born between 1945 and 1984. At the age of 11, researchers collected mass index, blood pressure, glucose tolerance, and total cholesterol level data in an attempt to predict the probability of premature death (Rabin, 2010). In 2003, the subjects were observed again to ascertain whether the predictions had any validity.
Study and Conclusions Reached
In the study, it is shown that by 2003, 559 of the original 4,857 participants had passed on however; only 166 had died from causes related to medical complications. Out of the 166 individuals who had lost his or her life because of medically related consequences the causes of these deaths were associated with cancer, diabetes, infections, and cardiovascular disease; in addition an portion of the study group died from alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, and alcoholic liver disease, which are a life style choice related (Rabin, 2010). The study concluded that as stated by Rabin (2010), “Adults who had the highest body mass index scores as children were 2.3 times as likely to have died early as those with the lowest scores, and those with the highest glucose levels were 73% more likely to have died prematurely” (para. 8). Study also concluded that high blood pressure in children was a weak predictor of premature death associated with obesity and that high cholesterol was not associated in any way however, these factors may have little to no association because factors such as these are easy to control with mediations (Rabin, 2010).
Accuracy of Study Conclusion
The newspaper article used did not include information viable to the conclusion that...

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