Analysis Of Non Government Organizations In The Philippines

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These two Non Government Organizations: ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya and GMA Kapuso Foundation does affect an individual’s life, but it can affect each of everyone in different ways. In the collection of donations, GMA Kapuso Foundation found in – kind donations more important that monetary donations, while ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation found monetary donations the most important of all the donations. However, there are also some similarities between these foundations. GMA Kapuso Foundation has a goal of uplifting and aiming a better life to the beneficiaries, and so did ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation. Also, both of them are willing to serve the Filipinos with all of their heart. However, some results in this paper stated were different from the research which is stated. Example is their vision and their core principles.
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. It makes the utilization of direct distribution of their collected donation for the beneficiaries. No part or percentage of their income will belong to any member or officer of the organization. Therefore, ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya and GMA Kapuso Foundation, having a purpose of uplifting and rebuilding lives of the victims, they are considered as Non – Stock Organization.
The comparison between GMA Kapuso Foundation and ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation spending pattern makes us see that they are two of the most trustworthy Non Government Organization (NGO). The two foundations differ in spending their collected donation, GMA Kapuso Foundation focus more on Education which they believe that “Ang Edukasyon ang Unang Hakbang ng Kinabukasan.” While ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation focus on the welfare of children which is the “Bantay Bata 163”.
In fact, this undertaking is already commenced all over the world, where some International Non Government Organization also extends their help in giving hope to the victims.
This is indeed a feasible comparison, but not a perfect one because instead of the government and agencies who are responsible for instances like this; they are the ones who are more dedicated to take responsibility. Another implication is that the monetary which is donated to the victims through this Non Government Organization was directly spent for the safety, shelter, food, and medical equipments. Since, there are 138 Non Government Organizations (NGO) that dedicate their time, effort and heart, 75% of the donors trust GMA Kapuso Foundation and ABS – CBN Sagip Kapamilya Foundation for being an instrument to the victims of typhoon Yolanda, their foundation would definitely be a great part of the survival of the victims.

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