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Analysis Of Oh, My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose, By Robert Burns

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Robert Burns has created many magnificent poems but the most charming, is “Oh, my love is like a red, red rose”. This poem is the essence of all his artistic creativity. He has a particular merit because relying on folklore and the dialect of his country; he created a modern art that does not only belong to the culture of his country but all over the world culture. With his genius, Burns fascinates the reader by transforming Scottish folk songs into marvelous poems. With sweet music in his heart, the poet-speaker writes about a young woman who he loved beyond measures. On the background of amazing music, Robert Burns, plants a red, red rose on the heart of the reader. It looks like this lyric is written by a shaking pen that is not under Burn’s command but under a magic power of an emotional vibration, which sources automatically from an exquisite sense of spirituality. Without such vibration, Burns could not choose any word to create his immortal lyric. The secrets of this fascinating lyric can be detected in the light of a literary analysis of four stanzas, and the literary interpretation of every gleaning word.

The often-used first line makes the reader more familiar with poem. The speaker's love is expressed through two similes; his love is compared to “a red, red rose” and “the melody” (1, 3). The speaker echoes his sentiments by reinforcing two above similes with the phrases “That’s newly” and “That’s sweetly” (2, 4). Obviously, the color "red" is a symbol of passionate love and used in the form of alliteration such “a red, red rose” it shows how strong is the speaker’s feeling (1). Its appeal over time and comparison with the loved woman gives the reader the possibility to discover the speaker’s pleasant ways on articulating his passion. It is very interesting to know why above alliteration is used? The second line is the proper answer. While this particular red is such an exciting color of the flower, it is a repetition of this adjective amplifies the representation of an ideal state. The exclamation “Oh my” combined with alliteration “red, red rose” echoes together to show not only the nature of the speaker's love but it acknowledges the reader about the voice of poem (1). The poet -speakers express his love through this lyric. Love is expressed as “Newly sprung", pure, vital in a perfect state and the time could not blemish it (2). Yet this personification of love is not permanent. Similarly, to the rose, which can exist in this state only "in June," the beauty of the speaker's woman and his feelings could not stay frozen in time (2). The forms of beauty are temporary and they disappear to come again into another wonderful form. The speakers feeling toward the instable state of rose’s beauty catalyzes him to pursue another figure of speech for his love. Even though he put neatly side by side his love and “a red, red rose” on background of a lovely melody of songs it is again a temporary form of beauty(1). A song might be...

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