Analysis Of Puck From Shakespear's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" In The Form Of A Letter To A Play Director

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"And those things do best please meThat befall preposterously"Dear Director,Above is a description Robin Goodfellow gave of himself. It sums up perfectly that which pleases the puck more than anything else: mischief.Puck, Director, exists to cause trouble and create chaos. He is an ambassador of the audience, because he isn't human, but doesn't fit in with the fairies. They connect with Puck more than any other character.Puck plays the role of destiny. Without him the play wouldn't work. He is the story creator, the sillier parallel of Shakespeare himself, and that which connects author to play and play to people. Puck is the bridge linking reality and fantasy. He interacts within the world of the fairies with the world of Pyramus and Thisbe, thereby causing havoc in the world of the workers and the world of then the world of the fairies. He went into the mortal world and altered the love of one of its' inhabitants. Then he brought back a mortal and altered the world of the fairies. Robin draws us into illusion, shows us the world of fantasy and then, in his final speech, gently delivers us back into the real world. He compares the act to a dream like the one shared by the four young mortals of the play, gently asking an underlying question. What is real and what is illusion?Robin Goodfellow has only one relationship with any of the characters of the play and that is the one between him and Oberon. He serves, obeys and gives his loyalty and allegiance to Oberon for reasons unknown, perhaps because around a Fairy King mischief is bound to occur. However, even a tamed robin will always be wild at heart, as is the case with this Robin. Puck is highly independent and seems to obey the Fairy King only of his own free will. It seems that if Puck wanted to, he could leave Oberon at any time. Oberon commands Puck as if it is the most natural thing in the world. Puck has obviously been serving Oberon for a long time and seems to have no grudge against him. Puck will be serving Oberon for a long time yet.The Puck is a flamboyant and exiting character that crackles with excitement and glee. He is a childish prankster that rejoices at the humiliation, misfortune, frustration and embarrassment of other people (especially mortals). Anybody would be hard pressed to keep all of this character inside them and fairies are no exception.Puck's personality would be heard in his voice. A light, musical voice would suit him. One with a slight beat to it to emphasise the poetry of each sentence. It would keep a constant tempo but ranges in pitch and volume to suit the mood or scene. When addressing the audience, Puck would be soft and lean close, as if telling a story, but when conversing with Oberon he would be more contained and calm. The only exception to this is when he is at emotional extremes in which case he would lose his beat and take on a higher or lower pitch.The movement of Puck would also reflect his personality. As with his voice, his movements would be...

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