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Analysis Of Purfrock´S Her Kind And The Love Song

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In “Her Kind” and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” both authors analyze the theme of the importance in being the person you are and being okay with it. One may argue that the characters in both poems are total opposites, coming to the question of how can the themes be anywhere near related? Well, the two characters definitely contrast each other, but that is where the beauty lies in how the central theme between the two literary works is deduced. “Her Kind” discusses that although outsiders view her as a strange character, she is content with maintaining her pursuit of what she wants to do. In other words, she will continue being herself regardless of what others think. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” explores the thoughts of a person who is too afraid to be himself around others and fails to take any action in his life as a result. By providing a character that majorly lacks self-confidence, Elliot, in a contrasting perspective, also highlights the importance in being satisfied with who you are. The authors present the theme throughout their work through deep-rooted symbolism and complimentary repetition.
To begin, both poems possess symbolism of threating persons to help further the theme. In “Her Kind,” Sexton uses strong symbolism through the entirety of the poem. The character calls herself a “possessed witch” who “haunt[s] the black air” and lives in a cave in the woods with her “worms” and “elves” (Sexton 1-11). The witch is a symbol for the bohemian lifestyle the character lives as an artist, while the cave is her quaint home, and the worms and elves are her husband and children. Witches are thought of as evil and threatening characters in pop culture, but they are also known to be misunderstood as well. She uses the witch symbol because people who go against the way society says one is supposed to live are usually looked at as strange, different, or even evil people because people cannot understand them or their motives. All the same, in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” the poem promptly begins with talk about going through the “half-deserted streets, the muttering retreats” (Elliot 4-5). The night is also described as a dreary one and he is in a place that can be seen as quite threatening. Upon further reading, I believe that these streets are symbolic of the people that Prufrock is about to encounter. He distances himself from the people he meets up with at the party and does not seen to like them. They are threatening people, just as the streets are. He thinks these evil people will be examining his every move at the party as if he were a “patient etherized upon a table,” put up on display for people to observe every nook and cranny of himself (3). The line about him being an etherized patient is mentioned earlier when he is going through the streets symbolic of the partygoers because that is how he will feel around them. Both of these symbols in the poems further the theme tying the two together. ...

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