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Analysis Of Rehearsal Process Experience

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I am going to discuss and analyse the whole experience of the rehearsal process leading up to the final performance.
Initially, my strengths through the rehearsal process were: choreographing the physical theatre scene; being the leader to support and motivate everyone; showed professionalism in discipline and time management. This all began when we started choreographing the physical theatre scene howl. As soon as I taught my choreography everyone instantly began contributing interesting ideas. This demonstrated professionalism and ownership of running a play.
Secondly, I had several weaknesses throughout the rehearsal process. The first was not giving and receiving enough support from the group. This was because we initially wouldn’t be focused in a rehearsal. For example, there would be jokes made and information that was off task being discussed instead. Another weakness was finding the inspiration to create scenes reflecting AIDS from the monologues. This was because we had not discussed key moments and highlights in the script and music.
From the rehearsal process, I have realised that I have changed to be more directive and supportive whilst also trying to balance out the two. I used to be overly directive and unsupportive when working in a group; however, I have adapted to give support to the people I work with and also give everyone the opportunity to lead a rehearsal lesson. These rehearsals have helped my negotiating skills and support for others, in the sense of their ideas’ and suggestions.
Then, when getting feedback from my team members I responded by taking action immediately. For example, due to the strong language in Nick’s monologue, I had to change certain words for audience aged restrictions; I had only been rehearsing one way and to change the most crucial parts was quite challenging to do in a day. I performed my monologue censored without taking away the key elements that add to Nick’s character. This showed my level of initiative in taking the role seriously enough to create the same emotion to the audience. Another constructive criticism that I found it difficult to achieve was blending in with the dancers when we performed dance numbers. For example, in ‘Spend it while you can’ I always would over exaggerate and emphasise my body because I wasn’t conscious of working as a group. In contrast, to when the performance was amongst I had become completely aware of my relationship within our group because I would always imagine the piece as a whole performance, not just myself.
In relation to research, the AIDS’s information in the...

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