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Analysis Of Rosie The Rivete: Art In World War 2

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This essay will be focusing on women who worked during the world war two and their roles; also, it will focus on the different work clothes that females have worn for their different occupations over the years. One of the major subject matter in this essay will be the “Rosy the Riverter” poster that was created by various artist during the World War II and the artist this essay will look at is Dame Laura Knight.

During the World War II, women's role were focused on one thing, taking over what used to be the roles of men. Although jobs such as nurses, teachers, textiles and so on were still classified as a “woman's job” the war provided them a gateway to work in munitions factories, earning the name Munitionettes. In these factories the women worked in all manner of production ranging from making ammunition to uniforms to aeroplanes. During the war there was rationing of clothes so it became harder to find material which bought on the problem of too little material. The women working in the factories stuck to their head scarves to keep their hair out of the way, the overalls were worn for the simple fact that it was easy, comfortable and quick to wear. Large handbags were carried to keep rationing books in, the axillary military workers kept to their strict uniform composed of a suit with colours in black, brown, grey and sometimes blue. Relating to my essay, this shows how women in the 40's/50's wore less clothes in order to do the work of men, showing their strength and how the fashion of work attires has changed. Comparing to today's popular outfit for women who work in the working class group, they wear pantsuits and heels, pencil skirts and blouses with a blazer, cooperate dresses. Although the style and colour and fittings have changed the designs in a way remain the same, they just seem to have developed.

During the war in Britain, some women joined the Women's Land Army which consisted of women working on farms providing food for Britain as the government thought food would become scarce during the war. So, apart from working in factories they worked on farms too, ploughing fields, tending to animals, harvesting crops and operating large machinery. Relating to my essay, I made a few designs of women in the army, ploughing and farming. I drew details of some women in their auxiliary attire which expressed the rationing that took place during those years as was mentioned earlier.
When women were prompted to start joining the Armed Forces, the strengths of women and their devoted contribution to the war were shown in magazines and newspapers. A woman’s skills and hardships was recognised especially in the United States which introduced 'Rosie the Riveter' which emphasised on a woman working hard in a factory doing the job of men. It promoted women's power. The play of the United government to try and recruit women to work in the workforce worked as different women of all races and ages, even married women were called to work....

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