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Analysis Of Salvation

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The author Langston Hughes reminisces about when his Aunt took him to church when he was thirteen years old; ‘Every night for weeks there had been much preaching, singing praying, shouting, and some very hard sinners had been brought to Jesus’(1059). At the end of revival the children were asked to approach the ‘mourners’ bench ‘To be saved!’ Langston’s Aunt told him about how when you were saved ‘something happened to you inside.’ (1059) So Mr. Hughes went to the bench with the fellow children in the church, the preacher preached, hymns were sung they keep saying ‘wont’ you come, Young lambs to Jesus?’ One by one the children rose to Jesus. Leaving Langston Hughes and another boy Westley; the boy Westley got tired of sitting on the bench he stood up to be saved. Langston Hughes sat there waiting for Jesus he too grew tired of sitting on the bench and he figured that Jesus didn’t smite Westley for lying; so he stood up.
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’ (1059) ‘My Aunt told me when you were saved you saw a light and something happened inside.’ (1059) So, Langston Hughes waited to see Jesus or feel him in his heart. The preacher gave a sermon, while people sang hymns. Some children stood up and were saved. ‘Many old people came and knelt around us and prayed.’ (1059) What difference did it make if more kids stood up and were saved than the one still sitting down, It just seems to put more pressure on the ones still sitting down then surrounded by people praying and shouting ‘Come to Jesus! Young Lambs.’ All the children but Langston Hughes and a boy names Westley were saved. It started to get uncomfortable in the church with Langston and Westley whispered ‘I’m tired of sitting here let’s get up and be saved’ (1050) Langston Hughes was getting tired sitting on the bench it was getting late he figured that Westley was not struck down by God for taking his name in vain and lying so Langston Hughes decided to stand up and be ‘saved.’ He was pressured by the preacher and the people around him to be saved.
Later that night he was crying in his room his Aunt said it was because the Holy Ghost had come in his life when Langston Hughes had given up on god; he didn’t believe in him anymore because he hadn’t come to him when he needed him. It’s not fair to be put in a situation like that, were you are pressured not only by a congregation of a church but to have pressure set on you by ‘God’ to stand up and be saved. It’s a fallacies of it’s own. If you stand up in a church with all the congregation around singing, praying asking ‘you to come to Jesus’ what if you don’t feel anything? Should you still lie; come to Jesus anyway or just sit there doing nothing? It’s be really akward but what if you were Langston being scared if God struck you down if you did not come to Jesus? Langston cried that night because he started to question is there a God? Why didn’t he come to me? Why couldn’t I see him? That is sad and scary, he didn’t want to tell his Aunt he lied that is something you don’t tell when supposedly being ‘saved’ by standing up. There is no Salvation in this story for the other children yes there weas but for Langston Hughes it ended in doubt and disappointment.

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