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Analysis Of Service Marketing Mix For Drench Juicy Water

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Executive Summary

In this case study elements of service marketing mix are evaluated in the context of theoretical framework of 7 P’s of services marketing for Drench Juicy Water. it has been quite proactive and flexible in its many strategies which exhibits organization’s quick responsiveness to changes in external environmental variables when it comes to Excelling at Customer Service . Drench Juicy Water excels in the process element of its service marketing mix since it operates as a truly global organization, and the set of processes involved in creation of services of the business are well defined and documented. .

Table of Contents
Introduction 32
Product 32
Price 4
Promotion 54
Place 5
People 6
Processes 8
Physical environment 8
Conclusion 9
References 9

To adequately analyze customer service theory or concept in practice, this paper reflects on the Britvic Soft Drinks particularly Juicy Drench water and how the organization serves their customers’ needs in relation to its marketing strategies or mix. The theory of customer service is still wide open to differing understanding and interpretations. Kisperska-Moroñ (2005) upholds that customer service is a very wide term and varies from one company to the next. According to Hodgson, 2001 increasingly contributors to this subject direct their attention to increased consumer sophistication so as to clearly understand the concept. Many perceive customer service as a tool used in the attainment of a competitive edge in the organization’s field of operation. Ideally, Customer service can be defined as a philosophy that allows all practices of an organization to attend to the needs of customers in a way that is mutually valuable or beneficial to all organization’s stakeholders, customers and management as well, and involves the facilitation of customer satisfaction, goodwill and loyalty. This research will carries out a service marketing evaluation of Drench Juicy Water. Various elements of service offering of Drench Juicy Water are discussed in the context of theoretical framework of 7 P’s of services marketing.

The product offering of Drench Juicy Water does not comprise of a single service offering, rather it constitutes of three major service areas. Product is the core element of the 7 P’s of services offering and this relates to the characteristics of the service offered by the firm and the associated package of additional services offered to the customers at a price (Grönroos, 2011).
For this reason, Drench Juicy Water tries to distinguish its product offering from the competition brands of Dasani Flavored Water, Metromind and Owator. Management and ownership of Dasani Flavor Water has become especially attentive to all aspects of service offering that it makes to the customers.
The Juicy Drench serves well the Tangible component of the SERVQUAL framework with these characteristics....

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