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Analysis Of Several Articles On Business Sustainability

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Whether an organization is domestic or international they have social responsibilities to the communities they operate within and to the shielding of the world. Caterpillar, Inc. is one such company that puts social responsibility at the top of their priorities. They have an abundance of engineers and technologists working on solutions to improve on sustainability. According to the 2012 Sustainability Report (2012), “at Caterpillar, we always ask ourselves, ‘What do our customers need? What does the world need?’ World Resources Institute (WRI) asks those same questions about the communities it serves, and truly delivers some amazing results” (p. 19).
Caterpillar’s Chairman and CEO, Doug Oberhelman is a member of the Board of Directors of the WRI. The WRI is an environmental group that uses research to find applied ways to safeguard the earth and improve people’s existence (“Sustainability Report,” 2012). Remanufacturing is one of the processes that Caterpillar utilizes to create sustainability throughout the world. Remanufacturing avoids waste through its salvage of materials and the associated resource savings. Sustainability organizations need to forge sustainability strategies which distribute them with cost-effective benefits and social benefits accomplished through environmental accountability. This paper will review different aspects on environmental and social responsibilities with cost-effective benefits and social benefits throughout the globe as it pertains.
Article: From image to economic value: a genre analysis of sustainability reporting.
Article examination
In the article by Bowers (2010), the issue to be determined does decreasing risks and environmental impacts remain a fundamental part of an organization’s sustainability efforts or are efforts being placed in terms of economic predictions? Over the last few years, civilization has increased the acknowledgement of sustainable practices and the importance of the welfare of the globe and the future generations. Organizations are also leveraging sustainable practices to increase their competitive advantage through economic prospects.
Ten organizations were studied and a noteworthy shift in the direction of economics is apparent with the increased presence of determinations to support the business case for sustainability (Bowers, 2012). According to Bowers (2010), “lessening environmental impacts and attending to social problems can reduce operating costs, generate revenue, open new markets, and provide a competitive advantage” (p. 258). From this study, it clearly shows that organizations are looking for more than their social and environmental responsibility. They are leveraging sustainable practices to boost their economic position to gain a competitive advantage. One noteworthy element of this movement is to deliver definite measures of the cost savings and economic development by utilizing sustainability activities (Bowers, 2010). The...

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