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Analysis Of Shakespeare's Work In Othello

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Analysis of Shakespeare's Work in Othello

Correct analization of Shakespeare's work has and always will be the question on every reader's mind. In our case, Othello has simple yet twisted turns throughout the story. Not only does the plot of this story introduce William Shakespeare's thoughts, but what he is capable of, from a writing stand point.
Othello is considered one of Shakespeare's most 'fast-paced' play. Most of the action is gathered into one day and all the scenes begin in the middle of conversations between characters. Except for act I, the whole story is based in Cyprus. Being that the play jumps from scene to scene, between the first act which is based in Venice and each of the other acts, the plot is thought out to be a couple of hours between each scene. The elopement at midnight between Othello and Desdemona to the morning storm in Cyprus, Shakespeare only gives six hours between each major scene. The impression the play holds is that the whole play occurs in 2-3 days.
The plot though is fairly direct. It focuses on the love between Othello and Desdemona, and what tries to come between them. It all starts when Othello and Desdemona's mid-night elopement is notified to her father Senator Brabantio by Iago and Roderigo. Othello and Desdemona are immediately brought in front of the Duke of Venice where Brabantio claims Othello seduced his daughter with witchcraft. Othello explains his love for her and when Desdemona is called to testify, she assures them that her love to Othello is true. When appointed to General of Defense, Othello is sent to fight against the Turks, and allows Desdemona to go, as long as she follows in another boat with Iago Othello's "friend". When arriving at Cyprus, Iago starts plotting against Othello and hints that Desdemona has been unfaithful. Upset and hurt, Othello tells Desdemona to say her last prayer and kills her soon later that night. Immediately, Iago's wife Emilia finds the truth and tells Othello of Iago's doings. Knowing of his wrong doings, he stabs himself and collapses next to his dead wife.
Though some of William Shakespeare's work is unjustifiable, Othello has a very clear meaning behind it. Iago, Othello's close friend led him to believe that Desdemona was a cheater and clearly unfaithful. Without question, Othello's love for Desdemona quickly turned into hatred. His refusal to accept "his loves" argument resulted in heartbreak and betrayal from Iago. Shakespeare makes it obvious that there is a reason why a person falls in love. The trust, friendship and loyalty should withstand anything and everything else in each other's life. With that, Othello treated Desdemona no better than a stranger on a street, which resulted in her death and many people's deaths. It proves that a person, no matter what should jump to conclusions because it will only produce negativity, In our case death.

Othello was the main character in Shakespeare's Othello. He was a kind and noble man that fell...

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