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Welcome to Khan Academy. We are a MOOC provider of many free online courses or young learners in the world. A wide range of topics are delivered from qualified tutors from around the globe. MOOCs are dynamic platforms with constant evolution and that is why we always put our best foot fourth to stay at the top. Young people whose educational level is between kindergarten and year 12, located at different places are able to freely interact and share on topics of interest (Ryan). The major course found on this platform are courses in mathematics and science; economics, art history, physics, astronomy, biology among others. The descriptions below introduce you to ‘Khan Academy’. The registration criteria, lecture design, fees structure, are given below.
Khan Academy provides an educational non-profit platform for free at world class educational standards, for anyone anywhere. Salmon Khan created this website in 2006. It contains several educational materials and audio-visual tutorials stored in YouTube.
The founder of Khan Academy was born and brought up in New Orleans, USA. He has three degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He began offering mathematics tutorials to one of his cousins in late 2004 through Yahoo’s Doodle Notepad ( Many of his friends and relatives began to seek his help and he decided to distribute the necessary tutorials on YouTube. Students were so appreciative and he became popular.
In 2009 he decide to quit his fulltime job, to start the ‘Khan Academy’. There were many organizations and individuals willing to fund the project. Google donated to this course $2 million, and in 2013 the Carlos Slim foundation generously donated to the Khan Academy to enable it expand its Spanish video library.
The Khan Academy has its resources translated into other languages and its YouTube channel has more than 300 million total views.

About us
Our mission is to provide free world class education for anyone anywhere. The site’s materials are available to everyone, whether student, teacher, principle, home-scholar or parent.
Our team is led by the founder and executive director Salmon Khan. Other members who form the team include the dean of translations, the lead designer, an international relations officer, software engineers, operations assistant, teachers, designers, data scientists, a teacher community advocate, an interactive content developer and a project coordinator.
Our contact; Khan Academy P.O. BOX 1630, Mountain View, CA
The courses offered are in Mathematics, Science, Economics and Finance, Humanities and Computer programming.
Course Details
Mathematics Grade 3 to Grade 8 (U.S), Geometry, Pre-algebra and Arithmetic, Probability and Statistics, Pre-calculus, Differential Calculus, Applied Math, Linear Algebra.
Science Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cosmology and Astronomy, Health care and Medicine.

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