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Analysis Of "Sk8tr Boi" By Avril Lavrigne

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Sk8ter Boi is the hit single from the album Let Go by Avril Lavigne, an alternative singing talent from Canada. Overall, it is a song that successfully uses modern ways of thinking and performing. It says that life is difficult but you can choose to be yourself and win. It delivers with a quick tempo reflecting the idea that life is fast. It is a song that uses an alternative pop style that makes sense to Lavigne’s teen target audience.The subject matter of the song is the common girl meets boy, girl loses boy, better girl wins. And like a modern story it is told like a highlights reel, quickly. The lyrics tell the story about an upmarket girl who meets a young punk skater and likes him. Her snooty friends are unimpressed so she doesn’t go out with him. Five years later, sitting at home as a single mother, she sees him on MTV as a successful singer. He is now with another girl (Lavigne) who appreciates his talent, wealth and success. These lyrical moments deal with themes of destiny, winners and losers, fate, foibles of love, differences and appreciating people for who they are. The contemporary nature of the song is evident not only in the subject matter of love but is also evident in skating, MTV, concerts and the title, which is written in text style as ‘Sk8ter Boi’ instead of ‘Skater Boy’. Contemporary teenagers could find much to identify with in the subject matter and themes.The musical elements enhance the storytelling and themes. It is upbeat and catchy and is sung with a staccato rhythm and a melodic chorus, which is easy to listen to. The lyrics have a definite rhyming pattern particularly when the shorter lines as printed are joined together.‘5 years from now, she sits at homeFeeding the baby, she’s all aloneShe turns on TV, guess who she seesSkater boy rockin’ up MTVShe calls up her friends, they already knowAnd they’ve all got tickets for the showShe tags along, stands in the crowdLooks at the man that she turned down’An AABBCCDD rhyming pattern is evident in this verse and in similar forms for the other verses and choruses. This creates a...

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