Analysis Of Skills Needed By International Managers Working With Virtual Global Teams, Compared To Traditional Team Building Skills Needed To Cope With Heterogeneous Groups From Within A Single Culture.

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Name : Daniel HensonStudent number: 1420911/1 Word count: 1984Title: Analysis of skills needed by international managers working with virtual global teams, compared to traditional team building skills needed to cope with heterogeneous groups from within a single culture.Analysis of skills needed by international managers working with virtual global teams, compared to traditional team building skills needed to cope with heterogeneous groups from within a single culture.Team working and team building skills are amongst the most important in the modern business environment. The degree of complexity in the modern business world means that teams are increasingly required to complete the majority of tasks within and across organisations, and thus managers are increasingly judged on their ability to manage said teams (Sahu, 2010). At the same time, the modern business world is increasingly becoming more international and global in nature, causing companies and managers to operate in a broad range of cultural contexts (Schneider and Barsoux, 2003). This has meant that managers increasingly work with global teams, and often global teams who rarely meet in person. These teams often have differences in cultural values due to differences in national culture, which can influence communications and effectiveness (Dutta, 2008). Indeed, the literature has demonstrated that cultural factors influence communication and business interactions, and can thus influence team outcomes (Venkateswaran and Tiwari, 2010). This paper will look to examine the extent to which the skills needed by international managers working with virtual global teams differ from the traditional team building skills needed to cope with heterogeneous groups from within a single culture, and also the implications of this for effective management of teams.When considering the traditional team building skills needed to cope with heterogeneous groups from within a single culture, the primary theories which encompass this area are Tuckman's (1965) theory of small group development and Belbin's (1981) theory of team roles. Tuckman's (1965) model considers team building as a four stage process, with the stages being forming, storming, norming and performing. Of these, the forming stage involves individuals understanding the heterogeneous nature of the team; the storming stage occurs as the heterogeneity causes conflicts and problems; the third stage involves acceptance of the different approaches of individuals; and the performing stage occurs once heterogeneity becomes a source of strength, and the different groups work together to complete each other and achieve higher levels of performance due to the recognition of the interdependencies within the team (Tuckman, 1965). In general, the primary team building skills needed under this model are communication and conflict resolution skills which will allow the manager to help the team resolve its issues and move through the stages of the model smoothly,...

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