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Analysis Of Social Media Affecting Social Environments

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In our modern day world we are in constant communication with each other through texting, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. One’s private and personal life can suddenly be public to the whole world and their whole community. Social media has changed the way people interact with one another, changed our perception of the term “friend”, and has changed how we present ourselves to our community. When conducting a survey on how the social media is affecting our social environment, my hypothesis was that people behave differently behind a screen than in a face-to-face interaction. I came to this hypothesis by conducting research, and from common day-to-day observation. After conducting the survey I found that this hypothesis is true. Social media is affecting out social environments in a negative way by changing peoples behaviours behind a screen and creates an environment based on self-promotion.

After Collating my data I found that many people feel as if it is easier to have an conversation online, rather than in a face-to-face interaction. 51 percent of survey takers agree and 36 percent strongly agree that it is easier to have a conversation with an individual online than in a face-to-face interaction. Social media has affected the way we want to interact with each other, and we have become less comfortable with the offline interactions that are essential to our daily lives. One cannot live their lives behind a computer screen because individuals must be able to interact with people in the business world, and in the social world in order to keep social skills in tact. I find it interesting that such a high percentage of adolescences seem to be more comfortable behind a screen. Although I do not find is surprising because from daily observation, I know that it is a recurring theme in today’s society to talk to people more comfortably online. Nevertheless this is the truth that society must begin to solve before it becomes an even bigger problem in today’s world.

Other interesting and shocking data that I found was that social media is used as a major platform for self-promotion to peers. Social media sites such as Facebook allows the user to create any image of themselves to display to the public. One can do this through profile pictures, who they are “friends” with, what...

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