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Analysis Of Some Of The Benefits Of Study Abroad

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In 20th century, due to modern development in the field of science, history and technology, the people are interacting with each other through satellite and internet. It has now become a necessary for all governments to collaborate with each other in all sectors of life either related to the business or the education. It can be done only through the exchange of the language, culture, and traditions (Caffarella & Daffron, 2013). The Middle East is an important location of the world because of the tremendous energy resources like the oil, gas etc. After the tragic incident of 9/11, now the European countries are thinking more about the Middle East. The students from Europe, especially from America, are moving towards the Middle East Universities for education (Vesely, 2005). They want to now the culture and language changes in the Middle East universities, especially in Jordan.
Benefits of the Study Abroad: There are a number of education organizations in the world that working for the student exchange programs to enhance the harmony, peace and communication among the different people. The students that are above than 20 years of age can easily learn the culture changes, language, traditions and the behaviors of other people living in the different areas of the world through the education exchange programs (Caffarella & Daffron, 2013). All this knowing gives them ability to enhance their exposure, community awareness, maturity, self-confidence and the communication skills more than others.
Objectives of Aboard Study: The U.S.A universities since 1995 added more than 88% students that are belonged from other countries either in the form of internships or student exchange in their programs. There are four major objectives that can be fulfilled when you want to study abroad. Those are the professional contacts that can be helpful in the establishment of the future career, the personal confidence that will help you to work for your country, the intercultural interest that will give you more information about other societies and the last one is the academic skill to improve the history and language skills etc. The international policy makers and education experts consider the global student exchange program best for the internationalization (Daly & Barker, 2010).
Categories of the Students in Jordan University: The international students that are studying in the University of Jordan belong to three different groups. The first group is for those who are associated with the International Institute of Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages (II-TASOL) on the base of scholarships. This scholarship study duration varies from months to years (Jabbar, 2012, p. 206). The Students can get hostel accommodation in the city of Amman. The second group is associated with the non-government organization, CIEE that is Council on International Education Exchange. All the students belong to this group are from the U.S.A. They stay in the houses of the...

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