Analysis Of Sound Application Based On The Film Se7en

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1. Introduction
“Hearing is believing”, as the potential motto of all sound practitioners inteprets, sound has played a great part in our daily life, so as in the world of film. The first film with basic sound showed up in the year of 1900 in Paris. Though the technique is quite juvenile, it is indeed a breakthrough in the film history. The first film with synchronous sound, which is actually the real sound film as we recognized, is ‘The light of New York’ published at 1928 by the Vitaphone Corporation (Griffith 1961). This can be seen as a leap in the history of film industry. Film has become increasingly prosperous since then. In the meantime, the sound effect of films has become more and ...view middle of the document...

It sets the keynote of the sound type of the whole film. It brings people to the world of the gloomy crime scenes.
When they are examining the corpse of the first man murdered due to gluttony, there are sounds of lice crawling on the ground. After Mill checked the bucket which is full of the victim’s vomit, he made the sound that he almost throwed up, with the sound of bowls which were kicked by him. Besides, this part comes with the backgroud music, which is one type of non-diegetic sounds, as it does not come from the world in the film. The music is slow and kind of weird, the purpose of which is also to make the audience draw on associations between the sound and the picture.
2.2 Crime scene of the Greed
In the part of the second victim who is killed for greed, there are sounds coming out from the Television, which is the broadcast of the TV station about the case. These sounds can be catogrized as diegetic sounds because what they express are relative to the plot, they are within the film world. And when depicting the interview of the district attorney, there are sounds of journalists crowding, the camaras picturing and so on. At the police office, with the dialogue carrying on, there are sounds of printing and phone ringing now and then. On the way to the libarary, there are police alarms again, the sounds of whistle of cars and buses. These belong to the sound effects, which are non-dialogue sounds that add realism and enhances believabilty.
2.3 Dinner at Mill’s house
At Mill’s house, the sound of openning and shutting the door is ‘Foley’. At first there are cozy modern jazz music, which creates the atmosphere for a little dinner party. Then when the subway comes near, the music stops and the dog begin to bark. The sound of the subway or dog’s bark can be called the ‘offscreen sound’, as they are real life sounds that come from the world of the film but aren’t seen on the screen, they are diegetic sound not connected to a visual element that si mentally localized as if coming from the film world. And after the subway passed, all three characters fall into laughter, with the volante piano melody behind, which...

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