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Takng A Close Look At Sporting Chance

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For my assignment I have chosen a well-known sporting organization, this organization is known as Sporting Chance.
Sporting chance has been a part of the sport development sector for over 23 years now and has been a colossus when it comes to the organization of events for the participants as well as setting out to create projects which should increase the participation levels of sport and the awareness of sport itself. Whilst doing so, Sporting Chance breaks down the barriers of cultures as well as race, gender and individual earning levels, creating a utopia for sports fans and participants as well as volunteers who wish to make their community better than ever.
Sporting Chance was founded 23 years ago by Brad Bing whose dream was to use sport as a vessel to impact children’s lives in South Africa positively and this organization has grown to become one of the leading sports coaching and development organizations within South Africa.

His vision is to for South African citizens to have the opportunities to achieve in sport as well as providing the resources and facilities allowing children the opportunity of sport development for as many children as possible. Doing so allows the children to have the chance to be strong confident young adults in their sporting career if that is what they desire, providing a better more health orientated life in the future.

Sporting Chance is supported by a lot of organizations around South Africa, these include:
• The City of Cape Town
• Johannesburg
• The Sports Science Institute of South Africa
• Cricket South Africa
• Supersport Lets Play
• Government departments

Sporting Chance offers a wide range of facilities and options for the public to choose from, these options are for the customers as well as potential and current employees. These are shown below :
• Holiday Coaching Clinics
• Afternoon Coaching Clinics
• Individual Coaching
• Birthday Parties
• School Term Coaching

Sporting Chance have started a couple of projects which they use to achieve their goals and objectives. Some of these projects are shown below:

1. Street Soccer:
This was started in 2013 with association with KIA Motors, Mille, Dawn Wing, Supersport Let’s Play, Good Hope FM and Ukhozi FM. It is an annual street soccer programme which has had approximately 6000 boys as well as girls under the age of 13 participating in this programme. The children in Cape Town had the privilege of participating and meeting Ajax PSL players during the tournament, this was extended to the organizers as well as the children in this programme.
2. Calypso Cricket:
This is a unique and fun way of playing cricket which was founded in 1991 by Brad Bing who visited the West Indies to study this new and fun form of cricket known as...

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