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Analysis Of Square Pegs And Round Holes!

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Analysis of 'Square Pegs and Round Holes!'

In a world where the only constant is change, business managers strive
to improve the performance of their subordinates by through increased
efficiency and effectiveness. It is the function of a manager,
regardless of level, to attain organisational goals through the
effective production of goods and services through effective planning,
organising, leading and controlling, using the available resources.
During the past century management styles and methods have developed
as apart of the continuing battle to improve the performance of staff
and enable the organisation to remain competitive in a business world
that has become global and diverse where continual development and
improvement are the main aims.

The organisations, as depicted by classical theorists such as Max
Weber, Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol, tended to support local
markets, have a homogeneous workforce, used mechanical based
technology. The main focus was that of profit in a culture that
primarily concentrated on ensuring economic stability and efficiency
within the workplace through autocratic leadership approaches and
specialisation of labour. In today’s business world where the market
is global and electronic technology plays a major role, not only for
information and communication but also for production, marketing,
design and development the constant need to improve productivity and
performance has led to a business world of chaos and change. For a
business to survive in this dynamic climate where the customer needs
are paramount, new management and working methods are required. There
is now much greater emphasis on team working, empowerment and
de-centralised decision making. Organisational theory would suggest
that the more participative style resulting from the above should
produce an enhanced and highly committed workforce where every member
of the organisation, regardless of position, is valued for their
contribution where they are treated fairly and with respect. Yet in
the reality of the today’s business world, in many organisations,
chaos overshadows effectiveness, fire-fighting takes precedence over
controlled and structured decision making and the most common ailment
affecting the workforce is not a physical one, but a mental one, that
of stress. The business world has produced more advanced products,
and every day, a new variation on an old theme can be seen within our
shops. We so are flooded with such variety and choice it is simply
stressful attempting to make purchase decisions! Has this world of
substantial advancement and increased provision of goods and services
arisen out of enhanced management techniques or have we simply become
more proficient and re-inventing and varying the wheel while wading
through marshes of pressure and...

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