Analysis Of Target Markets Using Primary And Secondary Research Reviewing Vail Resorts

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For this assignment I chose to use Vail Resorts as my publicly traded hospitality organization. The primary target market of Vail Resorts is explained in their annual report for 2007, on page 16 of the report this is what it says,“The Company’s Colorado ski resorts appeal to both day skiers and destination guests due to the resorts’ proximity to Colorado’s Front Range (Denver/Colorado Springs/Boulder metropolitan areas), accessibility from several airports, including Denver International Airport and Eagle County Regional Airport, and the wide range of amenities available at each resort. Colorado has approximately 26 ski areas, six of which are classified as “Front Range Destination Resorts”, including all of the Company’s Colorado resorts, catering to both the Front Range and destination-skier markets. All Colorado ski resorts combined recorded approximately 12.6 million skier visits for the 2006/2007 ski season with skier visits at the Company’s Colorado ski resorts totaling approximately 5.3 million, or approximately 42.3% of all Colorado skier visits for the 2006/2007 ski season(2007 Annual Report).”So according to this report Vail Resorts primary target market is day skiers or Colorado’s Front Range community. It also states this on page 19 in the 2007 annual report,“In-State Visitation:The Colorado Front Range market, with a population of approximately 3.8 million, is within approximately 100 miles from each of the Company’s Colorado resorts, with access via a major interstate highway. Additionally, Heavenly is proximate to two large California population centers, the Sacramento/Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. These markets provide the Company with excellent opportunities to market its season pass products which provided approximately 25% of the Company’s total lift revenues for the 2006/2007 ski season (2007 Annual Report).”I fully agree with Vail Resorts on their primary target market being day skiers or Colorado’s Front Range community. I personally know many people in the Denver area that go skiing every weekend in the winter. Vail Resorts gets a fraction of their revenue from season pass products which are purchased by the Front Range communities, so those people that buy these products are a huge market for Vail Resorts. So according to the report approximately 3.8 million people live within 100 miles of the five resorts that Vail Resorts runs in Colorado. That is a huge market of people for the resorts. When I verbally interviewed my friend Rachael Pagels she said, “I believe...

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