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When you read the writings of Hughes in Birthday Letters there is a sense of the depth of the immense grieving and pain underlying each word and meaning. Disguised in his poetry, these reminiscing situations bring the story behind them to light in a maze of metaphors exposing the years of thoughts held back by a inner dam of media martyrdom and regrets in Hughes. In The Minotaur and Robbing Myself the poet reveals times and lives where he once lived along side his star crossed love, Sylvia Plath.The Minotaur. In this poem Hughes delves into the darker sides of Plath, where fits of rage overtook her and depression and pain ruled over her, her anger, and a raging bull, more, a monster existed. It begins with a description of the victims of Plath- a table with nostalgic value, a symbol of his past, and being "mapped with he scars of his whole life"- symbolic of his life, person, and mistakes and pains. She destroys a chair for his being late to care for the children. This could mean that the cause of her anger was his detachment form his children, maybe a detail to emphasize the insanity and reasonless of her rages.""Marvelous!" I shouted. "Go on, smash it into kindling. That's the stuff you're keeping out of your poems." Hughes tells Plath to take her emotions and put them in poems, he makes the positive out of this rage. He encouraged her to think about things, to get in touch with her emotions as one inevitably does when writing."Deep in the cave of you ear The goblin Snapped his fingers. So what had I given him?" Hughes reconsiders the results of his encouragement and wonders if letting the gates open let loose the lion, let the demons surface. Here the poem and the poet's life take a dark turn. "The bloody end of the skein", the noose that ended her life, that brought the climax that left these words in their wake, "That unraveled your marriage," and breached the bond that made them, "Left you children echoing", for their is no response from a void where a life once stood for her spawn. Hughes writes his apology to her mother for leaving her a dead end, and talks of her father, who as the Minotaur she had replaced, now filled his grave.Robbing Myself. Hughes begins the poem by detailing the cold; the environment...

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1611 words - 6 pages this issue the most real and inspiring. Langston Hughes utilized his writings to make the experience of racism and life of African- Americans so authentic that those who had never experienced racism could now feel the true sting of it's lashing.One of Langston Hughes' strongest wishes was for the entire black race to be proud of themselves, and of their culture. He was discouraged by those who wasted their talent in the arts by doing mediocre

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1446 words - 6 pages Q: Poets are often concerned with the connections between man and the natural world. Choose two poems and explain how the poets' attitudes are conveyed through the choice of language."Thistles" effectively shows how Ted Hughes is able to use an extended and sustained metaphor of a negative facet of nature in order to portray the destructive, repetitious nature of man. The choice of subject for this metaphor, representing mans' brutality is also

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