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analysis of the ap chinese languageThe Advanced Placement Program (AP) is one of worldwide distinguished curriculums nowadays. The AP offers thirty-three standardized courses to high school students; it has enabled high school students to take college-level courses, and to grant college credit or placement. Most colleges and universities in the United States and universities in more than fifty-five countries outside the United States recognize the AP exam scores in the admission process and/or for credit and placement (College Board, 2010). The AP is well recognized internationally, and therefore it has high value to analyse its assessment tool. This paper is specifically to take a look at the objectives of the AP Chinese course and exam, and analyse the exam from different aspects to see whether the exam could meet the set objectives.AP Chinese Language and CultureThe AP Chinese program offers an opportunity for high school students to grant Chinese course's credit at the college level. The AP Chinese course is designed to match the level of a fourth semester college Chinese course. It is required to complete approximately 250 hours of classroom instruction to meet this level. Students are strongly recommended to take the AP Chinese course in high school in order to prepare for the AP Chinese exam but it is not a requirement though. The AP Chinese exam was first held in May 2007 and its objective is to assess students' proficiency in Chinese equivalent to completing a fourth semester Chinese course in college (College Board, 2010).The AP Chinese course focuses on Chinese language proficiency with linking appropriate Chinese cultural content. It is expected students to acquire as much Chinese culture as possible while learning Chinese language (College Board, 2010). Chinese language and Chinese culture are inseparable; they are closely interweaving each other. Language is learned when studying culture and culture is absorbed in the process of learning a language (Jiang, 1999). The AP Chinese course also prepares students to demonstrate their Chinese proficiency level across five goal areas (Five Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities) and three communicative modes (Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational) (College Board, 2010). 2004 Foreign Language National Assessment of Educational Progress (FL NAEP) framework (The National Assessment governing Board, 2000) points out that Communication is the main goal among five goal areas. The other four Cs: Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities are providing the meaningful context for language learning. Three communicative modes mentioned above place primary emphasis on the context and purpose of the communication. Interpersonal mode develops students' ability to engage in direct oral or written communication with others. Interpretive mode develops students' ability to demonstrate understanding of spoken and written communication within appropriate cultural...

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