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Analysis Of The Article Only Child Lonely Or Selfish? By Laudren Sandler

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In this review, I will discuss an article “Only child – Lonely or selfish?” (2013) by Laudren Sandler. Because considering of the human impact on a fragile environment, limiting family size makes sense now more than ever, this article is an affirmation of what so many families see as a quite reasonable path. It’s also an interesting article for people as an only child and others’ perception of the only child. I shall agree with the author that the classic negative stereotypes of only children being spoiled rotten and selfish are usually untrue simply because of many different reasons and circumstances.
Within 950 words, the article is divided into thirteen paragraphs. The very two first paragraphs are the introduction part having a lead-in of the author’s own opinion and the main discussion of the article: the only children are not like the way that people usually thought about them. The body has ten paragraphs providing the theories on the mentioned above issue and the evidence as well. The last paragraph is the conclusion closing the article by a reaffirmation of her opinion.
In the articles, the author argues having siblings neither guarantees a "better" childhood nor does it automatically causes the children to be better-adjusted adults. Instead of presenting a more nuanced understanding of the individual differences in all people, it seems like Lauren Sandler is just trying to replace one set of stereotypes about only children with another, diametrically-opposite and "positive" ones. Each old stereotype she gave out is followed by strong and convincing evidence contrasting and bringing about the new different thought about the only child’s personality. By providing the evidence for the theories by the statistics and document from the research of Toni Falbo at the University of Texas and her colleague Denise Polit, an Ohio State survey of more than 13,000 children, and Data from the National Alliance for Caregiving. However, the author just mentioned the general information of these citing sources like only the name of researcher or source but no specific details for the name of research. Therefore, it is hard for me to check further these evidences taken from...

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