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Analysis Of The Atheistic Outlook On Religion.

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Throughout this essay I will demonstrate how religion has played a role in the lives of humans as well as explicate the reasoning behind the true nature of the creation of religion by a psychopath.
Throughout our short time on Earth, a very common thought and feeling that many people have is, “What’s out there? Why are we here? What made us?” etc. This natural human tendency to ask these questions lead some people draw conclusions that may or may not be there. A belief I’ve held for years is the atheistic one. Christians, as well as many other moral institutions would refer to an atheist as someone who doesn’t believe in God. Where this may be the case, I feel as though this definition is a lazy and non-intellectual one. Rather I tend to believe that atheism is the lack of a belief in a given higher power. To that, I will reference a quote from Richard Dawkins, “I am an atheist with respect to around 2700 Gods, you (a christian) on the other hand are an atheist with respect to around 2699 Gods.” This is a quintessential and distinguishable difference between the two beliefs, or lack there of. What’s interesting in what Dawkins was saying was that you could infer that with this definition, Christians are statistically about as atheist as atheists are. Now with that being explained, one would start to bring in to frame the probability and the odds that maybe in fact the Christian God is the one real God vs. the chances that maybe another factor has been played into this belief.
When looking at peoples religious beliefs a pattern emerges. I tend to notice that many of the beliefs held by religious individuals are those held my there mother and father. Now could this be a mere coincidence, or could it play the key role in the development of a young Christian? When looking at this I look at other beliefs that people have that seem taboo to some and attempt to draw conclusions to this idea. I’m sure that living in the American society people have hear a phrase like this or something similar, “How could there be racism in 2013? Just because they are different looking than you there is no reason to hate them.” Now the irony here is biblically, there are many signs of racism against black people. Just two examples include Genesis 9:20-27 and Solomon 1:5-6. Regardless, the idea of racism is comparable to believing in a given faith. When growing up in a southern state, or even growing up with parents who were raised this way, subtle signs can grow like tumors in the brain. An example of these signs would be if you were walking through the mall as a young child, and you were with you parents. As you walk by a group of suspicious looking african americans who are dressed in a stereotypical gang like fashion, your parents may grabbed you tight and pulled you close as you walked by. This would send a simple naive message that people who look like that are dangerous and therefore I must be protected. With other things possibly influencing you as your growing...

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