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Analysis Of The Austrlian Legal System For Domestic Violence

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Domestic ViolenceDomestic violence has long been a serious issue in our modern society, there has been many attempts to settle domestic violence through many different organization. The legal system has been effectively addressing domestic violence, however there are limitations to the legal system and mechanism that may prevent it from successfully stopping domestic violence. The lack of funding in many services causes an ineffective mechanism or for that matter there has been a lack of appropriate services (mechanism) and the reinforcement of law may not necessarily be fulfilling their duty. However the legal system effectively solve domestic violence in numerous means, the general public now, has a better understanding of domestic violence and the approach that they could take to solve this problem and there has been various legislations established to cater for all different area of domestic violence.The lack of appropriate services due to limited funding has long been the limitations towards solving domestic violence, because of the lack of funding; many staff that is handling emotionally abused victims is not well trained. "Victims often report that when they have approached services for assistance, they have felt blames, or that their experience has not been taken seriously"'The Domestic Violence (Family Protection) Act 1989' States that "Under the Act, the victim, a police officer or authorised representative such as a solicitor may apply for a Protection Order to protect against future acts of domestic violence" Many services do not have the appropriate equipment to properly register for an AVO (apprehended violence order) there are only a few service which provides free legal advice and representation to obtain the order (AVO). The number of women that the service has the capacity to cater for is diminutive, not only does this apply towards legal advice and representation, but also refuge centres. There has been 15000 places available in a refuge centre in 1991 and 30000 women who was in potential danger was rejected due to the lack of space and funding."Domestic Violence is a crime. It is subject to legal intervention in the same way as violence between strangers the most important issue concerning a woman who has been, is being, or is about to be, assaulted is immediate protection" . By turning woman down from refuge center they have the potential to be assaulted again, if not killed. Many woman has fear of retribution by their partner, often a violent man will threaten to kill the victim love once if she leaves or seek help, this fear often becomes a reality, thus, the victim often risk been killed or brutally abused when she seeks help or refuge. The lack of service make it impossible for the woman to escape from their partner or find help, when all else fail they are forced to return to their partner, where they are often assaulted or at extreme cases killed. Homicide statistics shows that of 150 killings between adults in intimate...

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