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Analysis Of The Increase In Charitable Giving Despite Tough Economy

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Despite 2008 seeing the largest annual drop ((5.6% decrease from 2007 in inflation-adjusted dollars)) since these statistics have been tracked, over $300 billion was donated to charitable organizations—three-quarters of which came from individual donors. (FOUDNATION CENTER CITATION) It is no wonder then that such a large amount of academic study has been invested in the subject. A myriad of studies have sought to investigate the motivations behind the phenomenon of charitable giving. Everything from an individual’s mood (Krebs, 1970; Piliavin & Charng, 1990; Simmons, 1991), gender (Burnett, 1981; Cermak, File, & Prince, 1994; Halfpenny, 1990; Jones & Posnett, 1991; Piliavin & Charng, 1990), perception of a charity’s efficiency (Harvey & McCrohan, 1988; Posnett, 1989), donor’s age (Burnett, 1981; Danko & Stanley, 1986; Dawson, 1988; Edmundson, 1986; Halfpenny, 1990; Smith & Beik, 1982), altruistic characteristics (Guy & Patton, 1989; Piliavin & Charng, 1990), income (Amos, 1982; Burnett, 1981; Danko & Stanley, 1986; Harvey, 1990; Jencks, 1987; Kitchen & Dalton, 1990; Morgan, Dye, & Hybels, 1979; Smith & Beik, 1982), religiosity (Edmundson, 1986; Halfpenny, 1990), previous volunteer experience (Carman, 1982; Edmundson, 1986; Piliavin & Charng, 1990), perceived generosity (Diamantopoulos, Schlegelmilch, & Love, 1993; Halfpenny, 1990; Harvey & McCrohan, 1988; Schlegelmilch & Ltd, 1988; Schlegelmilch & Tynan, 1989; Yavas, Riecken, & Parameswaran, 1980), financial security (Edmundson, 1986; Halfpenny, 1990), and a person’s educational attainment (Burnett, 1981; Dawson, 1988; Edmundson, 1986; Harvey, 1990; Jencks, 1987; Jones & Posnett, 1991; Schlegelmilch & Tynan, 1989; Smith & Beik, 1982) has been used to predict charitable giving. This extensive study has lead to a shift in the way nonprofits organize fundraising campaigns. Marketing literature has had an extensive history of promoting the utilization of capitalistic marketing strategies by non-profit organizations—dating as far back as the 1960s. (Kotler)...

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