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Tradition is defined in the dictionary as the handing down from generation to generation of the same customs and beliefs. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, I believe has two main topics addressed: the traditions of the Hmong people, and the dangers of being unable to communicate. The misunderstanding of these two consequential points, I believe caused the majority of conflict that arose.
Can tradition prevent open-mindedness? Lia's parents reasoning of her seizures as "not so much a medical problem as a blessing", I think helped them have the ability to cope. However, I believe that it also got in the way of proper treatment and caused severity of her medical condition in increase.
I have learned that tradition can be a magnificent bestowal, however one must be aware and still maintain an unbiased realization that other alternatives exist.

Rumors can cause reification if not clarified. The canards the Hmong people had heard about the United States and the medical practices had been the origin of some of the conflict. This chapter lead me to ponder the obscure rumors I had heard, and to consider how they had impacted my views, mindset, and even influenced decisions.
The example of Conquergood's success working with medical treatments in the Hmong community was inspiring, and taught me that by being knowledgeable and sensible of another's culture can help make large progress.

In my life I have seen how even while speaking the same language there can be communication problems. Adding the inability to speck the same language and then the complexity of describing medical conditions, I can see how the situation could turn out poorly and cause troubling effects. This chapter has helped me better understand why the Hmong patients had the perceptive they did. I wondered how I would feel if I was deposited in a strange country, not being able to speak the language, and then additionally having health concerns how I would cope? Would I jump to similar conclusions?
Government Property was heart wrenching for me, as I have had a similar experience in my life. Children protective service was called to check out my family situation, however, unlike Lia's case, my parents had been unjustly accused for my brother's malnutrition. Little did the social workers know, my brother had a rare condition, with only 60 reported cases in the world, which made it hard for him to gain weight. Unlike my family's situation, I feel like the doctors making the call had the right information, and had facts that Lia was lacking proper medical care. Both of these experiences have taught me that before I jump to any conclusions, I should have factual evidence and should not be basing my decisions solely on my opinions. Furthermore, I realized the importance of being sensitive to others cultures, but also balancing not bending over backwards to achieve the appropriate balance.

What do faith and perspective have in common? In both of...

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