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Analysis Of The Dakota Access Pipeline History, Social Studies Essay

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Samantha Bartz
California State University Los Angeles
WGSS 4000
Professor Espinoza
How Colonization Has Impacted Indigenous Societies: A Case Against the DAPL and Fighting for the Rights of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
I would like to receive funding to conduct research on the negative effects of colonization on indigenous people by using the DAPL and the protests as a real world, current example of the negative effects mentioned and as further proof to my argument. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) once completed, will be one of thousands of pipelines across the nation. These pipelines carry crude oil all over America so that we may fuel our cars, have gas run to our homes for heat and showers, etc. There are others ways to move this oil by way of trains, big rigs, etc. but these ways carry even more risk of human error by crashing or breaking down and so on. Therefore, pipelines have become the preferred method of transportation, though error and human risk are not entirely removed with this method. Many pipelines in this country have already leaked, burst, exploded, etc. and caused irreversible environmental, societal and cultural damage. This is because the DAPL is not the only pipeline to cross either through or very close to an intact Indian tribe and reservation as well as highly populated and urbanized areas. That is why this topic has become a worldwide discussion and thoroughly researched, especially in recent months and years, because the DAPL represents a culmination of all the horrible atrocities committed against indigenous peoples in the name of colonialism, expansion, money, etc. by the American government or anybody in a position of power (big oil, etc.). Rerouting or stopping construction all together on the pipeline should be considered, especially when you analyze historical data and recent pipeline conflicts/malfunctions, one can easily conclude that the risk is not worth the reward.
I conducted much of my research under the framework of environmental feminism and indigenous feminism because I thought that this was the best way to conduct research about this topic that would prevent the perpetration of “(White) Western Feminism”. This kind of feminism is opposed to indigenous or environmental feminism in the sense that its theories are developed without consideration of non-western ideals, peoples or cultures. Indigenous and Environmental feminism call for the sovereignty of indigenous people and the environment, and this intersection of feminism and environmentalism reconnects humans to nature which is currently lacking in ethics, government, politics, etc. “Indigenous feminist theories can have enormous consequences for how development is conceptualized and may continue to make significant advancements in rethinking development” (Ecwan pg. 93). Under the framework of Indigenous and Environmental feminism you can gain a completely different perspective on the pros and cons of development and colonialism. Western...

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