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Analysis Of The Documentary: Killing Us Softly 4 And The Role Of Women In Advertising

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The documentary Killing Us Softly 4 discusses and examines the role of women in advertisements and the effects of the ads throughout history. The film begins by inspecting a variety of old ads. The speaker, Jean Kilbourne, then discusses and dissects each ad describing the messages of the advertisements and the subliminal meanings they evoke. The commercials from the past and now differ in some respects but they still suggest the same messages. These messages include but are not limited to the following: women are sexual objects, physical appearance is everything, and women are naturally inferior then men. Kilbourne discusses that because individuals are surrounded by media and advertisements everywhere they go, that these messages become real attitudes and mindsets in men and women. Women believe they must achieve a level of beauty similar to models they see in magazines and television commercials. On the other hand, men expect real women to have the same characteristics and look as beautiful as the women pictured in ads. However, even though women may diet and exercise, the reality is that these appearances are impossible to achieve. Kilbourne explains that advancements in technology have allowed advertisers to photo-shop models until their appearance is unachievable and unrealistic. A single photograph of a model can be composed of multiple different photos, which many people especially women do not know. Kilbourne also mentions that men are sexualized in many advertisements today. However, she differentiates between the sexualization of the two sexes. Men do not suffer any consequences from being sexualized like women do. Men are presented as strong, controlling, and dominate while women are shown to be weak, submissive, and need. In conclusion, Kilbourne reveals and elaborates on the detrimental effects advertisements have on...

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