Analysis Of The Duel By O. Henry

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Why are outsiders so fascinated with New York Is it the way that our city is portrayed by producers & directors? To the typical native New Yorker there is nothing special about the location in which we live it’s just average. the common notion to outsiders it that new York is this great city surrounded by fashion, gilts and glamour, normally they think of Manhattan which includes one world trade, the empire state building, central park, etc. people who aren’t from our city don’t know what it’s like to live here, they don’t understand what it takes out of someone to constantly put up with the stench, the noise, the exorbitant prices of everything & the long unending winters.
In the duel written by When O Henry (real name William Sydney Porter) which depicts the lives of two non-natives who emigrated to the big apple from a city located near the west coast. One studied business the other studied art their names were William & Jack respectfully these individuals came to New York expecting to eat their cake and have it too. Like many others, both of them thought that in their pursuit of wealth they could uphold the morals that they inherited from the west. Eventually they lost contact with each other while ambitiously seeking advancement in their chosen areas of study. Then out of the blue they meet again and the art student Jack notices that William the business student (who is sometimes referred to as Billy) has changed dramatically. William bent to the will of the city and there was no going back, like many others before and after him he has become “New Yorkized”. Jack castigated him and his ideals referring to the city as a leech of the country, he refers to the figurative battle between the city and newcomers as a duel which he ironically states that Billy has lost. He then begins a rant in which he claims to despise New York City with every fiber of his being, and even says “Give me the pure air and open heart of the west country. I would go back to-morrow if I could.” Astonishingly later that night jack...

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