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Analysis Of The Film Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting

The movie Good Will Hunting shows a dramatic relationship between a teacher and student and also relationship's between fellow teachers. The film helps you grow with the characters in order to anticipate and acknowledge the ways in which they interact with one another. It also incorporated the way that egos develop and arise due to relationships and how they can interact with the daily lives of people.
The teacher – teacher relationship between Dr. Sean Maguire (played by Robin Williams) and Professor Gerald Lambeau (played by Stellen Skarsgard) is an old friendship that has picked up after a long separation. Being former college roommates and both obviously extremely smart it is apparent why competition and jeolosy were possible between the two. The theme of egos is displayed magnificently in this relationship through both the jealousy and achievements, or lack of, each have.
The first signs of jealousy are apparent from Gerry who feels threatened by Sean with his brilliance and genius. The mention of the Field's Metal and the assumption of resentment that Gerry feel's Sean has towards him for being more successful in life help drive the conflict in their relationship. Gerry's ego is fueled from the success he's had and the awards he's accumulated. He is cocky and arrogant around almost every character he comes in contact to in the movie and it is fueled by his achievements.
As a review shows Gerry's jealousy:
"This prideful accomplishment pales with inherent dissatisfaction when Lambeau meets true mathematical genius in Hunting and is overwhelmed with jealousy."1

While Gerry thinks poorly of Sean who he feels to have been unsuccessful in life, teaching at a community college, Sean feels good about what he does and whom he inspires. His ego is not held up on a pedestal for everyone to see like Gerry's is. Rather he is a very humble human being and takes great delight in the students he helps and his profession.

The teacher - student relationship that is shown is between Will Hunting (played by Matt Daman) and Dr. Sean Maguire (played by Robin Williams). What is unique about this relationship is the found in the cliché ‘right man for the job'. In order to get Will help, Dr. Lambeau searched through nearly 6 physiologists...

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