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The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, is a prime example of a classic drama, infusing powerful themes with compelling characters to draw the reader in and allow them to connect. William’s character Laura plays a large part in accomplishing this, particularly in Scene VII, when she converses with Jim. This scene is especially important to the story as a whole, and helps develop Laura’s character and the theme of conformity. This theme, that to be accepted by society one must conform, is prevalent throughout the story, but centers around this portion of the play specifically. The conversation between Laura and Jim is a pivotal part of the drama that is very impactive and provides ...view middle of the document...

The unicorn is unique as it is has a horn and does not fit in with the rest of Laura’s horses. Laura thinks of it as different, although sometimes it doesn’t seem clear if this is a positive or negative thing. Laura is also “unique” because of her physical disability. Just like the unicorn, Laura cannot seem to fit in with the others around her because of her physical differences. She is unsatisfied with her physical disability, and it affects her personality, making her more shy and afraid of others. When the unicorn breaks, it shows the shift in Laura’s feelings about her abnormalities.
Instead of being unhappy about her treasured glass animal breaking, Laura instead insists that, “The horn was removed to make him feel less - freakish! Now he will feel more at home with the other horses, the ones that don’t have horns” (Scene VII, Ln 5-9). The unicorn’s individuality has been removed, but Laura is fine with that. By saying it is okay that the unicorn is no longer different, Laura is expressing her hidden feelings that she would also be okay with no longer being “special”. While spending time with Jim, Laura feels as if she is just a normal girl instead of someone who is handicapped. She enjoys feeling this way, and enjoys being treated as an equal and having her crippled leg ignored. Just as the broken unicorn, Laura is finally fitting in, at least in the company of Jim.
This brings forth the theme that society pushes individuals to conform in order to fit in and have a comfortable life. This theme occurs throughout the novel, not only with Laura but also with Tom...

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