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Analysis Of The Member Of The Wedding

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The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers explores the life of a twelve- year- old girl named Frankie. The book illustrates Frankie’s attempts to fight loneliness and how she gains maturity with each attempt. The book explores several themes that are related to an average teenage life. Through her use of language, McCullers reveals that the desire to belong is driven by one’s motivation to forge ties with something outside of her in order to establish a strong sense of existence and a clear understanding of who she is, which will fulfill and shape her life in a mature way that will make her feel satisfied.
McCullers’s use of imagery shows Frankie’s satisfaction towards her ...view middle of the document...

This description contrasts with McCullers’s earlier description about the setting, which shows the change in feelings that Frankie experiences after she realizes her desire to belong and her motivation to achieve it. In the earlier quote, McCullers states that Frankie’s heart stiffened and almost stopped, which creates an image of a person who is in extreme pain, while in the latter quote, Frankie’s heart divides like two wings, which creates an image of a person who has been redressed from extreme pain. The reason for this change is that Frankie is finally satisfied with her life because she knows what she desires and what she needs to do to achieve it.
This shows that the desire to belong driven by a motivation can bring satisfaction and relief into an individual’s life.
In addition, McCullers’s use of diction helps display the change in feelings within Frankie as she transitions from not belonging to belonging to something. At the beginning of the novel, McCullers states that “the glare was hard and bright, the sun-drunk blue jays screamed and murdered among themselves” (16). The words “hard,” “screamed,” and “murdered” show that Frankie is feeling really pessimistic and negative. The words “screamed” and “murdered” show how stressed Frankie is that she describes a regular strife among blue jays as being a cold-blooded murder. The reason why Frankie might have felt that way is because she was unclear about what she wanted or what she desired the most....

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