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Analysis Of The Opening Of A Thriller Film

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Analysis of the Opening of a Thriller Film

The brief we were given last year for AS was to produce the opening of
a thriller film. The sequence had to include titles and last between
two to three minutes. The style of the film and newspapers are very
different, as will be shown in the research. Last year we filmed and
edited but this year I will work mainly with texts and prototypes of
my layouts and making changes wherever necessary. Furthermore, the
genre will not be the same - a flashy thriller movie opening is not
the same as the first four pages of a newspaper. As a part of my
Media Studies coursework this year I have decided to produce the first
four pages of tabloid newspaper. My work will be promotional. I am
designing these pages to attract people to buy the product and to read
the articles.

Tabloids newspapers have fairly clearly defined visual features - big
headlines and large pictures, scandalous and gossipy stories, simple
and chatty language. I have chosen to do this as this will allow me
to clearly distinguish the differences between the styles and
reporting techniques as tabloids and broadsheets are relatively
contrasting genres of newspapers. I also like reading newspapers and
I like the way tabloid newspapers like ‘Daily Mail’, ‘The Mirror’,
‘The Sun’ and other tabloids represent the news. Stories in tabloids
tend to be short, not very detailed and the front pages capture
headlines that are referred to by an added striking photograph. Many
of these photographs are visually appealing to readers and also
implicate what the headline is referring to. The pages contained in
tabloid newspapers are generally designed to be eye catching for the

Section 1

I studied both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers and I found out that
the layouts of the newspapers are very different. With the tabloids
75% of the page is pictures and images, and with only 25% of writing.
On the other hand, the broadsheet is the opposite, with about 75% of
writing and only 25% of pictures. However, broadsheets have started
to copy tabloids with more pictorial images, and with the strip of
advertisement at the top the newspaper, whereas 15 years ago, there
was no advertising strip. The size of the broadsheets is now also
being reduced to make it more portable for the readers. Broadsheets
have also introduced more freebies, something very popular with the
tabloids. On the front page of broadsheets, there are many headlines
with the lead one in the largest font and also an associated
pictured. Tabloid newspapers usually have only two headlines with the
lead in bold and large font. Broadsheets have many stories on the
front page. The headlines are mostly political, national and
international. However, tabloids have more celebrity and sport
stories that are on...

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