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Analysis Of The Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl Poster

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Design Analysis Essay
BCM 110

Sepehr Masani Qeshmi

In this essay I am going to analyse the movie poster for the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl’ . This film was released in 2003 directed by Gore Verbinski and it was a huge Box-Office hit and had great reviews . It also made Johnny Depp the superstar he is now and it stars other actors such as Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley . The genre of the film is an action adventure film with lots of other elements in it .

As we can see the main colors used in the poster are Gold and Red which fits with the theme of the movie which is about different pirates . The gold color can refer to golds and jewels that pirates in the movie are after it and the red color can connote to plundering ships and destroying lands which is what this movie is all about .

Starting at the top we can see the name of the main actors starring in the film . Under the name of each actors we can see the picture of them in their characters costumes .This shows that they are the main actors of the movie and they play a huge role in the story . Showing the main actors of the movie in the poster is a great way to attract people to watch the movie as female audience would definetly watch the movie with attractive people like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom starring in it and it also hint that there would be some romance between Keira Knightley and someone else . The other important thing we can see is that the guy staying in the middle who is played by Johnny Depp is holding a sword and a gun and is wearing a bandana . This obviously means that first of all, he might have more impactful role than the others which is why he is in the middle . Secondly , holding weapons shows that there will be a lot of action and gun fighting and war between the characters in the movie . (Patel, 2010)
On the right side there is an old man which is holding a skull in his hand . Based on the skull it seems that he must be a villain as the skull is symbol of death and the way he looks is quite different than the others in the poster. On the other hand , on the left side we can see a young male and female which clearly tell the audience that there will be some sort of romance between the two and based on the way they looks it attracts a lot of audience to watch the movie . (Javed, 2011)
In the Middle of the poster we can see the name of the movie written in black font with unique font and gold background . Under that there is subtitle of the movie written with much lesser size font , but the most interesting thing we can see is the unique skeleton pirate with two daggers behind it which is the symbol of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and is also used in posters of the sequels of this...

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