Analysis Of The Position Of Two Major Food Retailers Of U.K. J Sainsbury Plc And Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

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INDEXObjective of the report--------------------------------------------- 3Overview of UK grocery retail market-------------------------- 3J Sainsbury's plc---------------------------------------------------- 3Management-------------------------------------------------------- 4Sectors and geography-------------------------------------------4Economy------------------------------------------------------------- 5Wm Morrison supermarkets plc---------------------------------54.1 Management--------------------------------------------------------- 64.2 Sectors and geography--------------------------------------------64.3 Economy---------------------------------------------------------------6Ratio ...view middle of the document...

(Johnson et al 2008).Overview of UK grocery retail marketThe following chart shows major retail supermarkets in U.K. along with their market share in March 2008.
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Market Share (%)








J Sainsbury








Source: TNS WorldpanelJ Sainsbury plcThe first Sainsbury store was opened in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury at Drury Lane, London. Soon it became popular and later on its branches opened in Stepney , Islington and Kentish town. Since then it has a constant track record of growth and it has now become one of the major retail supermarket chains of U.K.By 2007, Sainsbury has 490 supermarkets and 298 convenience stores across U.K. The company employs 148000 employees and has 800 suppliers. It is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Around 30000 products are offered by a large Sainsbury's supermarket -50% among these are own brand of Sainsbury including fresh produce. Along with food and grocery products, many stores provide a range of complimentary non food products and services.Sainsbury received 'Supermarket of the Year' award at the Retail Industry Awards in October 2006.ManagementThe Sainsbury's Board of Directors consists of 2 executive directors and 6 non-executive directors. The present chairman is Sir Philip Hampton and Chief Executive is Justin King. Responsibilities are apparently divided between the Chairman and the Chief Executive. Also non- executive directors are independent.The board approves corporate plans and annual budget and compares targets with actual performances at every meeting. It targets at delivering added value to its shareholders. The chairman acts as the leader of the Board and Chief Executive implements the corporate strategies after consent of the board.The company has evaluated the efficiency and performance of its board in 2006 with the help of a search consultancy called Egon zehnder and found that board is performing effectively and also received feedback for future.The company tries to maintain sound relations with shareholders. AGM (Annual General Meeting) which was held in 2007 in London ,in that meeting shareholders were asked about issue of shares. Also they were asked to allow Sainsbury to buy its own shares from market. Also they were consulted to take benefits of electronic communication between company and shareholders.Sector and geographyJ Sainsbury plc is basically in 2 sectors- retail food grocery sector and banking sector. The former sector consists of supermarkets, convenience stores and internet based home based shopping service and is main sector whereas the latter sector consists of Sainsbury's bank which is jointly owned by J Sainsbury plc and HBOS plc. The present range of products includes savings and loan products, credit cards and insurance products.Sainsbury operates only in U.K. Different regions of U.K. where it operates are-1. London2. South3. South west4. Midlands5. Northern...

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