Analysis Of The Sixth Sense Dr. Crow Is Alive!

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This essay will closely analyze the restaurant scene and the scene where Dr Crow is in the house with both Cole and his mother and discuss the techniques used to make the audience believe that Dr Crow is alive.
The Sixth Sense is a thriller not to be missed. Set in Philadelphia, it sucks the viewers into a world of mystery and unrealism. The film reveals an unexpected twist at the end which is very unusual. The fact that Bruce Willis starred in this psychological thriller gave the movie hope of receiving attention. Haley Joel Osment who played one of the main roles in the supernatural movie, performed exceptionally well. Other actresses also played their roles very well. Overall, the movie was directed and played perfectly.
The scene where Dr Crow is in the house with Coles’ mother begins in a medium shot, the audience can see their body language but their facial expressions are not fully exposed. The audience see Dr Crow and Cole's mother sitting in profile. This is effective as the audience are able to view the bigger picture and immediately get the impression that they were both having a conversation, but the fact that she is biting her nails may suggest that she is nervous.
Their knees are angled away from each other. He looks at her while she stares into space, and the audience feel as though they have walked in on something. Because the Dr can clearly see her, the audience never assume she cannot see him. She appears very anxious, but he is seen as being calm and half-smiling. This implies that she is discussing her son with a psychologist which is why she is clearly concerned and the audience assume that he is trying to be sympathetic but at the same time also trying to reassure her.
The door is the central focus of the shot. It opens and Cole arrives. We are still in medium shot, this represents Cole’s significant entrance into the scene. He turns his head to see the doctor, confirming Dr Crow’s presence.
Dr Crow looks at Cole first, after which Coles’ mother turns and says “hey baby”. As she rises from her seat and walks towards Cole she says “how was your day”? Although the audience can understand that she is upset, she tries to make everything seem normal. As she looks at Cole, the audience still presume Dr Crow is alive.
Now, the camera is focusing on Cole and his mother only. As they talk to each other, a close-up shot of the back of Dr Crow’s head is shown. This is vital as it distinguishes the main character and indicates their importance. Crow looks at Cole and his mother and then sits back and smiles. The audience believe that Crow evidently appreciates her situation and allows them both to have mother-son time without interfering.
The camera is now in a medium close-up shot, and the audience see Coles’ mother kneeling down. She is still addressing her son. She speaks quietly to him which suggests that she is slightly aware of Crow’s presence and is conscious that he is there. As they chat, she makes up a story to set...

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