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Analysis Of The Song, You´Ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, By The Beatles

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“You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away”, a ballad composed by John Lennon in 1965, juxtaposes the new and old Beatles in a thrilling manner. This song represents the Beatles’ returning to their instrumental roots from The Quarrymen with Paul’s bass, George and Lennon’s acoustic guitars, and Ringo’s percussion forming the main instruments throughout the piece. This song comes at a time when Lennon lyrics and tonal timbre proved susceptible to Bob Dylan’s influence , causing Lennon to impersonate Dylan’s vocal style as he searched for his own. This side of the album also illustrates the huge collaborative effort that George Martin and the Beatles put into creating our listening experience, as ...view middle of the document...

Lennon, the Beatles most influence by Dylan, began impersonating Dylan’s voice timbre; in fact, during the recording of “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” George Martin reportedly said, “I asked him [Lennon] not to sound too much like Dylan. He wasn’t doing it deliberately; it was subconscious more than anything.” In the end, according to McCartney, the song produced formed an unmistakable “Dylan impression.” The more prominent result from Dylan and Lennon’s relationship becomes Lennon’s decision to make his lyrics more introspective. As a result, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” differs from previous Beatles songs in that it remains purer in every sense: Lennon chooses not to double track his voice, the Beatles focus on their original instruments for the majority of the song, and the lyrics have a personal meaning to Lennon.
Before examining the song on its own, the way the piece fits into the album’s structure forms an important base for listening to the song: in fact, when thoroughly examining each song on side A of this album, the song titles alone portray an amazing story. Side A begins with the theme song for their movie, “Help!” As expected, this song forms a plea for help from an unknown man. He calls out in forlorn, stating that while he “never needed anybody's help in any way/… now these days are gone.” In the next song titled “The Night Before,” the man reveals that the loss of his woman’s love causes his pain: “Love was in your eyes, ah, the night before / Now today I find you have changed your mind.” Again, the man begs for a return to the old ways when unrequited love did not exist between this man and his woman. Then enters “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away,” the third song on the album. Listening to this song after “The Night Before,” one hears anger, as if this song does not attempt to win love back, but rather curses love and the pain it cause: as Lennon asserts, “You’ve got to hide your love away.” Given that this song exists in the first person, the listener can view the song almost as a lyrical version of this man’s thoughts.
The next song, “Another Girl,” evokes nothing but the sense of revenge and jealousy. The man decides to exact revenge by holding a one-night-stand with another woman: “You’re making me say that I’ve got nobody but you / But as from today, well, I’ve got somebody that’s new.” The album then takes a turn towards reality again as the man realizes that his current path will soon cause him to lose his girl, appropriately the next song’s title. “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl” employs call-and-response and harmonies to give the song a lifting feeling; however, at the same time the threat of another man’s taking the girl appears, simultaneously creating the feeling of pressure. Despite the songs sad lyrics, these lifting qualities give the song a hopeful feeling, as though the man has one chance left to make things right.
Unfortunately, time works again him as the final song on the...

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