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Analysis Of "The Sparrow" Written By Dr. Gardner. Language And Symbols Reveal The Theme Of The Poem.

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In a world bereft of love, who is there to look to for consolation? Above us all looms a presence far greater than our realm of comprehension, but is He accountable for all? Religion has been believed by many a person throughout history, but all can not count on faith being there during times of need. In "The Sparrow," by Dr. Gardner, the author uses language and symbols to create a theme of lost hope in religion. With situations in time changing, we must move past looking for simple answers to complex questions in religion, and start looking for the answers within ourselves. If fallen, faith will not save you.The poem opens amidst the perspective of a third person. When the author says, "Here is one that escaped His eye/ He lies prone on the cold earth," (Stanza 1, lines 1,2) a feeling of remorse is created, pitying the poor creature that has been left behind. The third person perspective initiates this sadness as the reader looks down upon the susceptible sparrow from a distance. The author uses this distance to his advantage in order to create a burning question... If the reader can see the sparrow suffering, why can't the almighty "He" (Stanza 1, line 2) see it and lend help? Although the reader's heart can tell the creature is in peril, this vantage point also suggests how insignificant the sparrow actually is, and it is here that the reader realizes that God will not help all.Entering the third stanza, the author writes, "I would inter you in the thankless/ earth, but here I leave you" (Stanza 3, lines 1,2). Now we have an immediate shift to the first person, suggesting a possible...

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