Analysis Of The Viking Expansion

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In that same year on July 17th, 924 AD, King Edward the Elder died while leading an army against a Welsh-Mercian rebellion at Farndon-Upon-Dee and was suceeded by his son Æthelstan (Athelstan). King Æthelstan was King of the Anglo-Saxons from the time of his father's death to 927 AD when he conquered the remaining Viking hold in York, making him King of all of England.
In Normandy, Rollo began dividing the lands between the Epte and Risle Rivers among his chieftains and himself, settled in its capital city Rouen. In 927 AD, Rollo passed the fief of Normandy to William Longsword, his son. It's uncertain when Rollo died, but he probably lived for a few years after that, but historians are certain that died before the year 933 AD. It is recorded by the historian Adhemar, that as Rollo's had gone mad towards the end and ot one point, had 100 Christian prisoners beheaded in front of him to honor the pagan gods whom he'd worshiped and then later distributed 100 pounds of gold around to the churches in honor of the Christian God he'd been baptized in the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte. Even though Rollo had converted and been baptized as a Christian, as was typical of many converted Norse, he retained the religious roots of Norse beliefs and simply added the Christian god with the rest of his gods, as many polytheists do when converted.
Normandy began to form from a Frankish land conquered and settled by Norsemen to a land of Norman identity, the Normans.
In England during 939 AD, the English King Æthelstan died and was succeeded by his son Edmund I. Soon after King Edmund's coronation, he faced military threats from King Olaf Guthfrithson (Olaf III of the Norse-Gael dynasty and King of Dublin) whom still laid claim to York which had been conquered by King Æthelstan of England. King Olaf III attacked Northumbria and forced King Edmund I into a treaty which granted King Olaf Northumbria and part of Mercia.
When King Olaf died a couple years later in 942 AD, King Edmund reconquered the Mercian midlands and by 944 AD, took back Northumbria. Two years later in 946 AD, King Edmund himself had died and was succeeded by his brother, King Eadred. Northumbria had once again become unstable until a new wave of Norwegian Vikings appeared in England in 947 AD led by Eric Haraldsson (Erik Bloodaxe), the son of King Harald Fairhair of Norway, had captured York and claimed Northumbria for himself.
However, King Erik's rule in Northumbria was just as unstable as was when it was in English hands. The Northumbria's (Scot-Welsh-Norse) loyalty bounced from that of King Edmund (English), to Dublin King Olaf (Norse-Gael), to the Norwegian King Erik (Norse). Norwegian Viking rule effectively ended in Northumbria when King Erik Bloodaxe was driven out by the Northumbrians in 954 AD. Note: This is also the year Erik Bloodaxe died, but whether he was slain or killed in battle is not clear. It is possible that he was killed when he was dethroned and expelled from...

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