Analysis Of The Working Class During The Great Depression

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Shealyn Herbert
Professor M. Romero
U.S History 175
9 April 2014
Exam #2
October 29, 1929, a date that will never be forgotten in the United States for it was the day that the “Great Depression” began, also known as “Black Tuesday—when the American stock market–that had previously been moving swiftly upward for about ten years suddenly crashed, causing the U.S to plummet into the most severe economic downturn known to this date. In 1931, the rate of unemployment was at its lowest as almost a third of the population was jobless. Until Franklin Roosevelt also known as FDR campaigned for office in 1933 and became the thirty second President. FDR quickly began to alleviate the horrendous economy. His plan was to provide stable jobs and assist the many suffering people in the economy. For more than eight years, FDR introduced a series of trial schemes, known as the New Deal. The purpose of the New Deal was to repair all of the lost dignity and affluence for the majority Americans.
Throughout the long years of the depression there became two types of employees. One was the “Industrial Worker” and the other was the “Tenant Farmer”. Within these two groups there were white men and women and there were black men and women. During this time there was a lot of racial and gender segregation within the work place. As hard as it was for a white man to get a job in either of these fields it was four times as hard for a white women or black women/man to get a job, but life began to grow even harder as the “New Deal” began. To help give you a better idea of life during the “Great Depression” I am going to begin with explaining to you the differences between industrial workers and tenant farmers. I will then go into more depth as I analyze the segregation that occurred within these two jobs and how the “New Deal” program played a huge part in the amount of segregation involved.
During the 1930’s there was a large uproar of employees willing to work without unionization. American factories had now become miniature dictatorships, as the employees of these factories could be treated as brutally as their employers wanted, they were beaten, abused, over-worked, and neglected. These employees were forced to work long hard hours which management would make up day to day including the pace that the employees were told to work. For many working in the industrial field was not the job that anybody wanted yet Americans were forced into these horrific labor factories because there were no other jobs available. Eventually this extreme amount of abuse became unbearable for many employees who led to strikes and workers’ demanding civil liberties and the desire to be part of a union became greater.
The other lifestyle for many Americans during the great depression was to be a Tenant Farmer. When it came to farming there were two kinds of farmers a sharecropper and a tenant farmer. Tenant famers lives were a lot more self-regulating than the life of sharecroppers. According...

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