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Analysis Of Three Articles On Technology Usage

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Matrix Review 2
Elizabeth Moffett
Grand Canyon University

RES 850

Matrix Review 2
Below are three articles that will be reviewed in relationship to education. The three articles reflect changes in education and the concerns of these changes on the students and future education. The first article is Blended Learning: Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Using Technology to Support Their Learning (2011) by Amanda Lucille Joanne Jefferies. The second article is Does the Use of a Learning Platform Support Approaches to Personalized Learning in the Classroom? (2012) by James fanning. The last article is Attitudes Towards Technology Based On Stereotypes Self Categorization and Sense of Control, (2009) by Liz Winter. The three articles focus on education and the uses of technology in education. Each author feels their article is important for the impact it could have education and the changes it could represent.
The research questions asked in an article determine the tone and direction of the research. One of the articles look in-depth at how females using technology in a classroom is less, versus what the population of males using technology is. For example the article by Winter (2008) uses the research questions are focused around use of surveys to answer this question. “An online survey provided quantitative data from a further 672 participants… A third study, of 179 undergraduates, related data from the online questionnaire” (Winter, 2009 p.5). Where as the research question for the other articles are closer related to current work inside a classroom and with the classroom education. “What skills do teachers require to use the platform to support their teaching “ (Fanning, 2011 p17.).
The style for the research questions vary by article in that some questions are direct and some are more indirect. The styles of research questions depict the tone and the direction a research article will take. All three articles have very direct questions without any unknowns making the flow of the entire article easy to follow and professional sounding. Since the research questions set the tone for the entire research project they need to be given much thought before putting them into an article.
The sample population is important to a study. The sample population is for whom the research questions are used or reflected on in the study. The sample population of the three articles focuses on school ages from adolescent children to college age students, including the teachers and the schools that they attend. Two articles have very large samples for example in Winters (2009) she uses samples ranging from 672 students to 524 down to 179. The sample population is the populations that participate in the groups they are studying and will reflect their research answers. The other two articles have a broader group of entire schools and student populations. The sample population is important to know so that way the...

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