Analysis Of Three Poems "My Number" By Billy Collins, "Woman Work" By Maya Angelou, And "To A Daughter Leaving Home"

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Felipe Regalado

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Poem Explication "My Number"

In the poem "My Number" by Billy Collins the character of Death is personified, as if he had human qualities. He is described as tampering, scattering, loosening, and stepping. All of these words are human qualities given to death by the writer to make him more human and capable of being persuaded to let the narrator live. The narrator is afraid of death, but at the same time has a cool demeanor when asking in the end, "Did you have any trouble with the directions?" In addition, the tone the narrator uses when asking death about the directions is very sarcastic. Throughout the poem the narrator speaks of death as being busy, or not wanting to bother with his "hidden cottage" as if he is mocking death. Yet, when death arrives at his cottage he is quick to try and persuade death to let him live. The title of the poem "My Number" summarizes the entire poem in those two simple words and it would seem that each person takes has a number and they are all waiting to die. The narrator is taking a number and patiently waiting in line for his turn with death.

Poem Explication "Woman Work"

In the poem "Woman Work" by Maya Angelou, the narrator describes her life in five short stanzas and expresses her wish to be free from her life and relax. She describes tending to her children, cleaning her house, doing chores outside, and feeding everyone. The...

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