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Analysis Of Tsarevitch Ivan, The Fire Bird And The Gray Wolf

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The story that I chose was Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf. This story was on that I found very interesting. In the beginning of the story it starts with a father, the Tsar, and his three sons (1). That reminded me of what we talked about in class with the pattern of three. In this story the three appears many times.
There is a fire bird that keeps coming into the kings garden and stealing his golden apples. He tells his two oldest sons whom ever brings him the bird will inherit the kingdom after he dies. Both of the boys go out to the garden on separate nights to catch the bird. but they both fall asleep at midnight (3).
Here the threes appear again. On the third ...view middle of the document...

They get tired on their journey and lay down to take a nap. While they are sleeping the older brothers find them and cut him to pieces (17). They threaten to kill the princess if she tells what really happened.
The brothers bring their father everything the younger brother had, including the bird (19). After they leave the wolf finds the boys body. He is very upset about this and uses magic to bring him back to life (20). After he comes back to life the boy goes back home, but no one knows he is actually the one that got the bird (23). As soon as he comes back the girl isn’t afraid anymore and tells the king the truth (27) and everyone realizes that the older brothers weren’t the heroes (24). The king realizes his son’s did something terrible and they were exposed for who they really were (28). The king has them arrested (30) and the youngest prince marries the princess (31).

I thought that this story was a very good one, it got 18 out of 31. That was a lot higher than some others that I had looked at. Some stories didn’t match any steps. If there had been an ongoing villain the story would have fit a lot more, but a false hero isn’t a villain even though they did something terrible. I put 27 before 24 but it isn’t really out of order because even though the king doesn’t find out until the end the reader knows earlier.
While reading the story it wasn’t that hard to find the steps. They were all very obvious. Although it never said that their mother was dead, she wasn’t in the story, so I counted that as the parent or someone making themselves absent. Looking at the number of steps that fit this is impressive considering he wrote these to fit Russian stories, this one is from New York. It just shows how similar all the stories are without people even realizing it.
The more I read these stories the more I see the three pattern. This story...

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