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Two Photographs Capturing Air Pollution
What do you think of when you hear the words “air pollution?” Many of us believe air pollution is dangerous to our health and believe in enacting stricter laws. As West Virginians, we deal with air pollution every day due to the several chemical plants in the area and the number of people driving. Likewise, there are air pollution problems in other parts of the United States. However, in other countries such as China, severe air pollution is a major problem and needs to be addressed. Photographers such as Robert Nickelsberg and Kuang Yin help us visualize the health and environmental effects of air pollution on the human population. Robert Nickelsberg ...view middle of the document...

These chemicals that are produced in the air keep global warming in check by reflecting sunlight back into space. "As we clean up the aerosols, which we really want to do for public health reasons, we are going to be perhaps causing ourselves more trouble in terms of the climate situation," Mahowald explains.
The framing, distance, and focus of Robert Nickelsberg’s photograph emphasize the chemical pollution and how it impacts our environment. The image is a medium close up, focusing mainly on the chemical plant. While this photo shows trees in the background, it is sharply focused on the chemical plant pollution and the sky. This suggests that this is a common problem for people living in the United States. It also suggests that the chemical plant industry is huge, and by reducing air pollution we are eliminating jobs.
Kuang Yin’s photograph is a medium close up, but focuses mainly on the Chinese population wearing masks due to the severe air pollution. The accompanying article explains how the major coal use in China is contributing to the severe air pollution. This article is mainly against coal use, and Yin believes in enacting stricter laws. Additionally, the people wearing masks create a feeling of fearfulness because it makes us wonder if America will eventually come to this. Most of the Chinese people in this photo are wearing heavy coats and jeans. This implies that this photo was taken in the winter time. This medium close up photo mainly focuses on the four people wearing masks, while the photographer took the focus off of the people in the background. Similarly, I noticed that most of the people in the background, including little children are not wearing masks. On the other hand, there is a huge building behind the subjects and this building has a phrase written in Chinese. There is also a poster hanging from this huge building, which could potentially be an important China politician. However, the huge building and the several other subjects are mainly blurred by fog, which may imply that it is not the main focus.
Like Nickelsberg’s photograph, the impact of Kuang Yin’s photograph...

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