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Analysis Of Page 57 To 59 Of "New Atlantis" By Francis Bacon

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Quoting from James Spedding Preface to the "New Atlantis":"...the vision not of an ideal world released from the natural conditions to which ours is subject, but of our own world as it might be made if we did our duty by it..."For Bacon the inhabitants of Bensalem represent the ideal qualities which he desired rather than hoped to see to be the characteristics of his own country. Moreover, it is not about a new breed of human beings who are superior to Bacon's contemporaries.In this passage which is part of the history of Bensalem, after its discovery and bensalem's covertion to Christianity, Bacon gives the reader an explation to why Bensalem remains hidden. For that purpose Bacon gives first references to Salomona and Solomon's House as a representation of the court of the British King James I, which particularly portrays James I as the new Solomon. Then, Bacon explains the choice of King Salomona to cut off Bensalem from the rest of the world, through the king fears and restrictions. Finally, Bacon expresses all these ideas through religious connotations, scattered all along the text. In the same part, Bacon refers to an ancient wisdom that has been lost and replaced by impotent, inferior philosophies, the Platonic myth of Atlantis. New Atlantis is a way to stimulate hope, that this knowledge can be recovered and this civilization of excellence restored.For a better understanding of King Solamona and the founding of Solomon's House, one's should recall what was said just previously by the Governor:" There reigned in this island, about nineteen hundred years ago, a King whose memory of all others we most adore; not superstitiously, but as a divine instrument, though a mortal man; his name was Solamona: and we esteem him as the lawgiver of our nation. This king had a large heart, inscrutable for good; and was wholly bent to make his kingdom and people happy." One's could notice a link between Solamona's "large heart," which is, his piety and charity, and the establishment of Solomon's House. Bacon's reference to Solamona's "large heart" can be found in I Kings 4:29 with the use of the phrase "And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore.", to describe Solomon. According to the text, Solomon made an agreement with God and God accepted to grant him any wish he wanted. Solomon asked for wisdom in order to be able to rule his kingdom with intelligence and compassion. God was pleased by this request and granted it. God also gave Solomon a lot of wealth as well. The biblical reference to a "large heart" is augmented in the Governor's account of Solamona's reign, describing the king's devotion to make his kingdom properous, his people happy and to perpetuate peace and prosperity. The fact that the king is doing all of this only for the sake of his people defines his kingship, inspired by one of the first value of christianity which is charity. This passage makes it clear...

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